Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What We're Fighting For

HOW MANY more Australian soldiers will be called upon to sacrifice their lives for this.

Here's an idea, since asylum seekers are so much in the news: Why don't we open the doors to Afghan women on the condition that they leave their menfolk behind?


  1. Um, no, imbalance in both countries of the sexes.

    How about we just try good old fashioned objective truth about the islamic socio-political ideology for a change. Who knows, it might work, the current arabian nights fairytale hiding this ideology behind the skirts of "religion" doing the rounds isn't.


  2. I think it makes sense. In a backwards misogynist society the women are surely getting the shittiest end of a shitty stick and are less culpable for the circumstance they find themselves. Women and children first is how we've traditionally played it.

    BTW my NYE night involved a train ride through Melbourne's SE suburbs and I found myself surrounded by a groups of young Afghan males (white skin, mongol features). Upon settling into their seats they proceeded to cheerily high five each other and I got the distinct impression they were celebrating a collective success of sorts; the new year being the time to reflect on recent successes. Didn't hear a word of English so can only speculate.

  3. Good idea Prof. But don't forget the local Ozzies in places like the south west of Sydney who have had to die, or be raped, or be bashed for our elites to demonstrate their morality and humanity.

    No one ever puts up a pic of a dead White person, at the hands of an immigrant, in the MSM with the caption "Invade the world, Invite the world".

    Maybe you could juxtapose your pic with such a thing.

  4. Several hours have now elapsed since this photo was posted. Where are the shrieking feminists, "outraged" no less, and stomping their Doc Martens up and down the pavements of Fitzroy and Northcote in high dungeon?

    That's right. They're focused on Hamley's toy store in London, offended at the blue and pink decor on the gender specific floors. Victory!!! It was painted white throughout, in time for Christmas.

    Pity the baggage, which the nobility of tolerance, bullies us to burden.

  5. Dear Anonymous above, "high dungeon" is a bit of an oxy...I think you mean "high dudgeon"

  6. Anonymous above must surely be Julia Gillard.

  7. "High dungeon" is a bit of a running joke over at Blair's; maybe he/she came from there.

  8. Anonymous, our Dear Leader has shown by example "high dungeon" is the correct enunciation. To claim otherwise is the height of foolishness. Journalists have been sacked for less!

  9. What about the boys? The dancing boys, it's just terrible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtMmBKFU6co&feature=related sick, sick, dirty old men and their young dancing boys. Iraq may have been worth it. They should just bomb every madrassa and mosque into dust.

  10. Dear Anonymous at 7:44. I suspect Anonymous above was poking fun at Comrade Prime Minister's use of that phrase.

  11. Anonymous @ 7:44 where have you been? The use of "high dungeon" is endorsed by our Prime Minister, Julia "Wide Load" Gillard.

  12. Dear Anonymous above. I take my cue from none other than our own Dear Leaderene, herself not unfamiliar with radical feminism. One would assume a non elitist would be more wary of emulating the very pineapple of British high society, to wit: the lady Maloprop (Mrs.)

  13. PhillipGeorge(c)2012January 4, 2012 at 1:38 AM

    Prof, Mohammed, in my humble opinion, was a wife beating, schizophrenic paedophile - which possibly rated among the stronger of his theological qualifications.
    Rather, the biggest butt to kick is possibly that of some extra-dimensional entity [note well "extraterrestrial" is an entirely different concept] the appellation phonetically purported to sound like "G a b r i e l".

    Because I think the visitations were real. Whatever was happening to or in Mohammed's mind involved something from outside of it. Paul simply said, if any angel should come preaching any other gospel let them be accursed. That's final. It doesn't require revision - addendum - footnotes.

    We sit in a generation appalling ignorant of basic science and basic Christian doctrine and dogma.

    The freemasons, some or most lodges, made an appalling mistake putting a Koran along side of a Bible.
    If they still cannot see this, they haven't passed square one.

    Details are the only antidote. Read the contract, see the devil.

  14. The Qur'an (4:34) commands that Moslem men beat their wives. This unfortunate woman's husband was simply practicing his faith as commanded by his "god" Allah. Australian troops are in Afghanistan to defend that country and its constitution which is based on Sharia law. Australian troops are therefore supporting the beating of wives.

    Why are we there?

  15. Professor,

    I would argue against allowing any more Afghans into Australia, in fact I would like to see a moratorium on all Moslem immigration given the dangerous expansionist nature of the Islamic ideology, the Religion of Real Estate.

    When Australia went to war at the outset of the First World War, the first Australian casualties weren’t on the beaches at Gallipoli, nor in the muddy trenches in France and Belgium, nor on the hot sands of the Sinai – the first Australian deaths occurred right here in Australia at Broken Hill.

    The Caliph called for a Jihad against Australia, and two Afghans living in Broken Hill responded to his call. On New Years Day, 1915, a train-load of miners and their families headed off for a picnic day at Silverton, and came under fire from these two brave Mujahideen. These miners and their families, ordinary Australian Mums, Dads and their children, were the first Australian casualties in the First World War.

    How are our cities and towns going to fare in the future when a new Caliphate, which the Moslem Brotherhood and their backers in the USA and NATO appear to be keen to foist on the mid-east with their “Arab Spring”, again issues a call for Jihad against this Kuffar nation?

    No more of them please.

  16. I prefer the Raj approach:

    "In my country, we have a custom too. When men set fire to women, we hang them. You follow your custom and I'll follow mine, and we'll see whose custom changes first."

    That policy could be applied with appropriate modifications in Afghanistan today, and would provide ample motive for remaining.

    If we're not prepared to do that then yes, we probably ought to pack it in. Osama's dead, and if we're going to engage in "nation-building" we should build a nation in which the filth who do what we see in the picture fear for their lives when free, and are made to wish they were dead when caught.

  17. I'm with Anon Chrissie and Sfw. The whole edifice over there is rotten to the core and if we pull out troops out of there and don't leave anyone behind for 'nation-building' I won't be feeling guilty about it.

    We have rather too many men of fighting age 'fleeing' to our country for 'asylum' rather than fighting the evil in their own.

    The vulnerable ones are left behind to deal with whatever happens while the lucky ones get the joys of our social security safety net.

    It stinks more than week-old fish.

  18. JB of Sydney/ShanghaiJanuary 4, 2012 at 7:30 AM

    I get so upset at posters indulging in hyperbowl on this subject. Our Leader is always right!

  19. I don't understand your sentiment at all. I find it very hard to think of a better reason to go to war than this.

  20. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.January 4, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    This religion has not yet had its Reformation to produce a civilising effect, and although many contemporary Muslims are trying to live their lives in a more civilised fashion, backsliding happens, even in Australia. Many Muslims from economically backward areas carry with them still the early medieval mindset of the religion's origins, such medieval elements as were largely expunged from Christianity centuries ago, (sadly, with priestly pederasty a latecomer to be addressed). The religion of Islam promulgates in its laws and writings the woman-hating perspective of ancient desert tribes and culturally, regarding little boys, it still carries the ancient widespread heritage of denial and ambivalence regarding pederasty (as for example in Ancient Greece). These things can and must change, by force of international law as well as by the example of modernising practitioners from within Islam who can provide 'interpretations' of text that follow civilised precepts.

    As suggested above, until we are sure this is happening, we should be cautious about who we invite to live here. By the way, commenters, rather than have others refer to a raft of you as 'anonymous' why not use a screen name, which makes for easier reference back to your comment by others? Just click on name/URL and enter only your preferred name: you do not need to put in a URL. Then proceed to 'Preview' and 'Publish', and await the good Professor's scrutiny.

  21. Perhaps we shouldn't make these miserable, beaten women and their kids take the boat journey - how about if we take them in at the Australian Embassy in Afghanistan and fly them out here to safety?
    The return trip can take some of the military age men back.

  22. Winston that is a perfect solution, for every one of these 20 to 30 year juveniles that arrive we should bring in women and children in equal numbers, and send the buggers back . The women and children will end up good ozzies, the men will just be a problem.