Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mickey and Minnie, Laura and Phil

A FORMER Fairfax hand and friend of the Billabong, recently paid to go away, writes:

apologies for not writing but I'm out of the madhouse and don't have as much gossip to relay. You know Coorey is going to the Fin, right? Will Stutch let him wear the official Fairfax thinking cap in the office, do you reckon?
etc etc etc
That's it, on the shelf behind the great man. Notice the absence of a peak, which seasoned Canberra stenographers value for allowing easier soft-palate access to the sphincters of the great and left.

There is no fair reason Phil should not be allowed to disport himself in customary garb, so Billabong visitors concerned that his new AFR editors be made at least as aware of the man's worth as are former Silly readers might want to contact  the newspaper and urge that he be allowed to continue dressing the part of a quality Fairfax journalist.

Drop a line and tell the AFR brass how much they and Coorey deserve each other. The address is:


  1. Coorey was a guest on SkyNews the other day speaking on the AWU rorts. I was listening to his shallow comments and suddenly realized how little he was across the detail. The Mickey Mouse cap seems to fit him. Don't know why the Fin would want him.

  2. If the cap fits, wear it!

  3. Just tried to read a Coorey opinion piece on line and could only imagine him wearing the mickey Mouse ears while typing it.

  4. "I was listening to his shallow comments and suddenly realized how little he was across the detail."

    Shallow is how I would describe most of the coverage by the love media. It's very frustrating when a layman such as myself is far better informed than those paid to know such stuff.

    Funny how they were across a bit of detail when they interviewed Brandis though...