Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh, My God, But You're So Incredibly Wonderful!

A QUALITY journalist has a beleaguered, scandal-beset Prime Minister all to herself in a closed room, so what questions does she put?

Do you get a sense when you leave Canberra and the parliamentary sphere of that support and admiration from women around Australia ....

You had been subjected to a lot of sexist abuse for at least a year and a half ....

Are you able to compartmentalise [criticism] or does any of it get to you?

Your toughness and steeliness is often noted. Is that something that you think is innate in your personality...

Another corrupt and decaying institution, the Ottoman court, was well known for its obsequious eunuchs. The Ottoman Empire vanished and the eunuchs with it.


  1. Dear bunyipitude. My grandmother was born in Bunyip. I have always bin a lil Bunyip. You inform me with humour and fierce intelligence. Go you lil Bunyip

  2. That would be a Female Eunuch, wouldn't it?

    Seems we have come full circle.

  3. I loved the commentary guidelines at the end of the article.

  4. I think I'm going to be sick.

    1. It was my first thought, even before reading your comment.

      The article, quite frankly, was vomitous, sick inducing sacharine.

      What sort of women would actually read this utter crap?

      And note the comments policy. You can be sure that not a criticism would get past that policy.

      There is something really very wrong in a society that could allow that sort of crap to be written in a national daily.

    2. Daily Life competes with Hoopla and Mamamia to be the most sick-making. I think Daily Life wins. After all, it's from the Sydney Morning Age. Not even the Women's Weekly would print this obsequious slop. Normal women would throw up.

      Pedro of Adelaide

  5. So much material there..

    for instance if she could go out to lunch she would take Hilary, and some of the wise ones, like Joan Kirner and Anne Summers..

  6. Be grateful. The more the luuvies congratulate her, and reinforce the delusion that she is wonderful, the more likely it is that this particular train will accelerate towards the inevitable wreck on the horizon.

  7. Help!
    On the tram.
    No sick-bag in seat pocket ........ Baaarrrfffff!

    The Irish Lion

  8. I doubt Tony abbot has a racist or misogynist bone in his body, I also doubt wether Juliar Gillard has a moral compass even in a hidden file.

    Mr Bunyip sir, With all these posts your fingers are on fire, excellent work.
    Wayne of Middle Earth

  9. Andrew Meares portrays Gillard as Cleopatra VII enthroned. How appropriate?

  10. Beat you to the spew bucket, Anonymous@5.25pm.

    The first question did it for me. The sad excuse for a journalist doing the asking would have been kicked out of any newsroom I ever worked in, for sheer fawning incompetence.

    As a female journalist who did real work before the stenographers, jugglers and clowns took over, I sit by and watch what's become of the craft, happy that I got out of the newsroom and into the sharemarket when I did.

    Our local beach is now populated with retired compadres from Fairfax, News and even ABC who have belatedly learned the advantages of a daily swim and a healthy balance in the super fund.

    Amazingly, they're shedding their Labor affections as readily as they've jetissoned their pens and notebooks now that real dollars are in play.

    I believe there are 38 people from Fairfax alone counting their redundancies in my part of the nation, while a News person or two has headed to fertile pastures in Darwin and points northwards in SEA.

    I'm considering devoting part of my post-swim mornings to the mia-mummy blogs, as I'm told one can do serious damage to their minds by not loving or respecting Julia.

  11. And the bit that was edited out .......

    JM ... Oh, can you help me here Jules. I can't read Macca's writing.
    JG ... (Laughs coyly): Yes, John is a bit of a scrawler! It says "Ken ye tell mae and our rrrrreaders why ye are so mugnificent end ken ye ootline some o' the grate things ye ha' done for the Strayan wukking fummlies." What you are asking me there, Jacqueline, is why I am so fabulous, simultaneously running the country whilst never losing the touch with the working class.
    JM .... Oh I see. Prime Minister, why are you so fab ........
    JG .... Oh shit! I've got to go. Bloody Timmy has got his head caught in the fence railings again. Just get Michelle to e-mail you the "working families" answer Macca gave her last week. And make sure you slide in a subtle reference to Abbott and a dog-whistle reference to George Pell and the kiddy-fiddling enquiry.

    The Irish Lion

  12. I'd like to know how Tim felt when he saw Bruce on the telly gesticulating with the pixelated baby.

    Or maybe he missed it..busy touching up her roots.

  13. So our first female prime minister will be remembered as one of the least popular politicians in recent memory who was suckholed by a court of leftwing media sycophants rotecting her from boiling public anger against her government and allegations that she was fired from her only job outside politics for behaving unethically as a union gangster's moll. That appears to be how Emily's List rolls. Sir John Kerr is looking good compared with this trollop.

    1. Which trollop?
      the GG could "sic 'em" her son-in-law onto you?

  14. wow, journalistic cunnilingus. isn't there supposed to be a warning or something
    (ps. sorry about the use of the 'j' word prof)

    1. YUK...makes me think of Peter Slipper's anatomical similes... YUK

  15. What quality journo would that be Prof?, I read none.


  16. Empires have certainly fallen Prof. And "luck" had nothing to do with it.

    So will we throw rose petals for when the Red Army come here to liberate us; restoring freedom of the press and introducing free-market initiatives? Surely the good guys cavalry has to arrive just in time?[rhetorical question]

    Corrupt officials there get a different outcome. Firing squad or lethal injection. Sigh.

    Some things just need to get "The emperor has no clothes on" said;

    Of all the billions wasted on the current no-borders protection policy, and the generosity of this government with borrowed money, and the subsequent debt heaped upon children who can't vote - anyone born in Australia takes 18 years of cultural orientation to get to a ballot box. By that time they'll appreciate something, good or bad, about being here. They'll have felt it somewhere in their gut.
    Citizenships are being given away cheaply to people who won't give a flying Moomba about the actual national heritage of this place. The billions wasted is secondary to that grand insult. The ghettos, fractures, enclaves, inevitable divisions around old wars' wounds, language, sex, culture, almost seems slight by comparison.
    It is a monumental cheapening of what it is to be Australian that I suspect most insults 10 plus million people. Whatever "you are or have", I can give that away for next to nothing! That's disturbing. There are a people who are culturally bound to find themselves culturally superior - allusions of superiority are explicit.

    Whatever Westminster had or was, whatever jurisprudence got handed down, whatever academic institutions stood for, whatever men strove for or accomplished ..... they couldn't give a rats....

    but maybe I've read those documents incorrectly.

    that's an opinion. cheers

  17. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.December 11, 2012 at 11:51 PM

    Some alternative questions:

    Prime Minister, why do you lie to us?

    Prime Minister, what does 'witnessing a signature' always entail?

    Prime Minister, have you always acted with sympathy towards, and in the best interests of, struggling widows and orphans?

    Prime Minister, why do you call 'sexism' to divert proper attention away from your manifold failings?

    This is the start of 100 Questions that Should Be Answered.

    They. Should. Be. Answered.

    Instead, they are not even being asked.

  18. The Old and Unimproved DaveDecember 12, 2012 at 6:39 AM

    "Jacqueline Maley, it is obvious that you are entirely dependent upon the Prime Minister for those questions you are asking."

    "What hyper-bowl...I bet you never saw her lips move once!"

  19. Just out of curiosity, has Mark Reilly or Paul Bung-Journo had a sex change?

    Those questions sound like something that either of those two grovelling, sycophantic toadies might ask.

  20. Still only 1 comment on the article. Wonder how many made it to the cutting room floor..ahem

  21. Well, how cosy!

    I was going to write some misogynistic stuff about some modern women but can't be arsed.

  22. Well, these questions send a cloying vanilla-sauce stench to high heaven, but I still would give the gong for "question of the year" to the execrable (it's personal I can't stand her) Lee Sales when she played the little star-struck girlie interviewing the traveling ABC type, Palin on the 7.30 report on 17.10.2012:

    "Are there still places in the world that are not discovered yet?" she simpered batting her false eyelashes.

    "Well, we dont know...." answered a seemingly bemused Palin, whose logic could not be defaulted in this instance.

  23. Five comments to the article and "comments closed".

    I don't think Pravda... sorry, the SMH liked the majority of comments they received.