Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pillow Bitel

REFUGEES, boat people and garden variety foreign sorts determined to enter the rancid mainstream of racist Australian life know many frustrations, but those who failed to take up the following invitation should not feel any more disadvantaged than is normally the case:

Staff News
David Bitel consultations interstate and overseas

Managing Partner David Bitel will be travelling to Manila in late August. He will be visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh in early December. He also regularly travels to Melbourne & Canberra, and Auckland, New Zealand to see clients.

Mr Bitel will be available to give advice to applicants for all categories of migration to Australia and also for student visas. Applicants for most categories must have English language fluency and need to be aged under 35 years

Applicants wishing to make an appointment should email a resumé with their request for an appointment to Mr Bitel's secretary, Ina Tempra, or ring Ina on tel. +61 2 9286 8700. A consultation fee will apply.
There is a strong chance Mr Bitel will be cancelling a good many appointments over the months to come

UPDATE: The Silly report at the link above fails to mention something of which an earlier and far more edifying story referencing Bitel made an explicit point:

The Community Justice Coalition's president, David Bitel, a lawyer and a long-time Labor Party member, said yesterday that the group would not endorse a political party but would support those committed to progressive prison reforms.

''In the UK and the US it has been accepted that prison is not a solution to crime in most situations,'' Mr Bitel said. ''One has to look at the long-term consequences for those [prisoners] involved in terms of rehabilitation and in terms of their families.''
Golly gosh, but it's a mystery how that information didn't make it into print this time around.

As to making prison a nicer place, Bitel's fellow refugee advocate Marcus Einfeld might be able to offer some interesting insights.


  1. Bunyip you have once again elevated the lowest form of wit to an art form

  2. I was hoping it was that OTHER reffo advocate that got busted. Come to think of it they all look like a bunch of bicycle seat sniffers dont they?

  3. Lift a rock and see what crawls out.

  4. Isn't his secretary named Ima Tempri?

  5. This chap Bitel, ageing lawyer cum immigration consultant, he doesn't quite fit the overbearing 'Bubba' mould that we expect of a male sex assailant who targets other grown adult men.

    Perhaps, at the time, the alleged victims thought it a fair sacrifice to render themselves whole to Bitel for a chance to enter the land of milk and honey and disability allowances for psychological unease. Now with the dangling carrot of further compo then might re-reflect on past events as being somewhat more coerced.

    I know if a 50 year old lawyer took liberties with my pants he'd have more than police charges to worry about.

  6. Prof.
    Re your update, commentators in the USA often play "spot the Democrat". The theory is that if there's a story about a politician doing something rancid, and the word "Republican" doesn't appear in the headline or the first paragraph, you can take it to the bank that the perp. is a Democrat.
    Here we'd have the problem of guessing whether the perp was from the ALP or the Greens.

  7. Yes .... there's a blast from the past .... 'Izz 'Onner Justice Sir Marcus Einfeld -(KCMG, AO, MBA, VC and bar, SLC). The pompous git, with all of his grandiose and disdainful pontifications about the previous Liberal Government finally got his right whack. (three years porridge with minimum two).
    What a hide ... to hector his political enemies on moral and ethical grounds whilst all the time engaging in criminal activity.

    I wonder if he is still engaging in "velocity by proxy" when out motoring?

    The Irish Lion

  8. A beautiful tap-dance through a legal minefield, Prof. It must be a gift.

  9. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. For many years he has been a colossal pain in the proverbial for Immigration, being a master at finding every loophole (sorry vicar, inadvertent double entendre there!)and exploiting every last legal process to wheedle visas for the most worthless cases. The only person I can think of who was a bigger pain was Einfeld (when he was a Federal Court judge), so it is comforting to think of them ending up so similarly.

    Still, he will no doubt drum up lots more trade - of all sorts - inside.

  10. A huge blow to the "refugee" industry. As if Marilyn ("Australia, I hate your guts!") Shepherd wasn't a big enough embarassment to them, along comes this major PR disaster.

  11. Anon at 5.22 - yes indeed. And if there's a bashing or a gang fight and the Fairflacks don't rail against Anglo racism, then it's a 100% chance its a multi-culti special, where races will not be detailed so as not to inflame racial tensions