Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The art of football's new rules

And one last example of what Victorians are getting for their artsy dollar:
Gabreille de Vietri: Development and presentation of "Three teams", a performance installation, interactive sculpture and documentary video involving three Horsham Australian Rules football teams.
Translated, that means  Gabrielle is going to put 54 opposing footballers on the field at the same time and film them running around according to the artist's instruction.

Tom Wills invented a whole sport for the cost of a few beers, a pencil and a seat in a pub near where the MCG now stands. Now, a lot more than that gets you an interactive sculpture and an approving interview  on the ABC.

One thing that is not readily apparent at Arts Victoria's website: the names of those on the selection panels who are rolling out suck* largesse. It would be very interesting to trace their relationships with recipients.

* originally a typo, but so unintentionally appropriate it must remain


  1. "Suck largesse" - probably a typo, but works for me.

  2. "suck largesse" may just be the best Freudian slip in the history of the AFL.

  3. Will they be crapping into glass bowls at half time?

  4. A highly derivative exercise.
    Alfred Deakin used the "three teams" metaphor (albeit referring to cricket) as an analogy for the dysfunctional state of Federal party politics shortly before the First World War.
    Any takers to bet against this "artist" staging something more dysfunctional than anything Deakin could have envisaged in his worst nightmare?

    1. Anon, Wow! Huge call and much admired by this depot stanchion. My intended 'triorchism' has nothing compared to that. Hat tip indeed, Groetjes van JakartaJaap

  5. Bunyip because you are the master I reckon it should be you who pens the missive to the minister of the y'arts for your followers on this blog to copy and on forward to their friends, etc in order that we may swamp these pseudo liberals with our anger at their continuous crapulos waste of our taxes.
    They are no better than the watermelon and union turds.

  6. If you want more examples of Victorian taxpayer funded, Liberal-enabled twattery, try VicHealth's website

  7. Thanks for your comment on the Three Team experiment.
    If you're interested how the experiment worked, have a look at this article: http://www.mailtimes.com.au/story/1824385/three-teams-football-experiment-a-success/?cs=226

    You can visit the project website at www.threeteams.net for future information about the upcoming documentary.

    Also, I don't believe I have any relationship with any member of the selection panel that should cause concern.