Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The carbon-cuttingroom floor

Amongst Young Master Bunyip's many talents, the capacity to read cyberglyphics is one of the more surprising and unsettling, as it suggests a relatively recent insertion of back-door genes in the Bunyip line's DNA. There was, however, scarce time to wonder how the former Mrs Bunyip might have amused herself while the Professor was down at the mooring because the young fellow's discovery in what he calls "the sauce code" for Tim Flannery's new Climate Council website is very amusing. Here is part of the code, which goes on for pages.

YMB explains that the various bits of cuneiform mystery and their associated exclamation marks mean that sections are "comment out" -- erased from public view, in other words --  presumably when someone at the Climate Council realised that the original video link would not do much to advance the cause of separating the gullible and indignantly self-righteous from their cash. Indeed, it would have been a powerful disincentive to heep hands well out of pockets

Here is the video, according to YMB, which the Climate Commission originally intended to present.

As can be seen, there were some very rash predictions tumbling from Flannery's lips in 2010, none of which has come true or is likely to. (No need to endure the full clip;the funny bits about polar bears, massive rises in sea levels and the certainties of experts are near the start). Much safer, on the whole, to have Flannery talking about "the science" and his cause's need for cash, as he does in the substitute video.

Sadly, Flannery does not address the climatic imperatives that persuaded him to leave Mrs Flannery to fill the sandbags at the waterfront home he formerly shared with her and seek higher ground with a prostitute-turned-author. Donations to the Climate Council should be placed beneath the big pink dildo on the night table (the black one is reserved for solstice celebrations).

UPDATE: YMB wishes to make it clear that he did not discover the hidden code. Rather, he was alerted to it via an email now doing the rounds.




  1. It seems the comrades in Yarra Soviet are going to donate other peoples money( Ratepayers) to ensure comrade flannery and his aparatchiki live in the good soshalist standard .yarra city ,with one steel roof and lots of rebvoutionary highly paid fervour! Forward into the 1920 s with our belved comrade Lenin ?

  2. Worry not, Professor. Cyberglyphics are just another language, albeit a modern one; the Bunyip propensity for linguistic genius is well known round these parts.

  3. So Kate still fancies a bit of the old "general persiflage" then does she. Wonder which creative writing school she dug that one up from. The thesaurus of uncommon and never used words for pretentious librettists.
    I wonder what she recomends to her students as a base form of worldly experience in developing their careers being as how hers has been so actively promoted off her profesional life as a heroin addict and prostitute. I note she uses the term 'profesional sex worker'.
    I guess she wanted to distinguish herself from all the other proles who are obviously only casual sex workers.
    Elitist Ya Thunk?

    1. 'and teaching English in Shanghai for several months, got a diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT'

      From Kate's biography, the diploma may be 'got', however most likely 'achieved'. Chances are Kate confused the diploma with her other 'got layed' accomplishments?

  4. Holy crap Bunyip. I am blown away by your revelations. Not so much by the possibility of you having been back-door ed, because I would consider you are wide of the mark there based on my life's observation that there is usually only one cuckoo likely to crap in the nest.No, it is the doings of Australia's favourite climatologist; how in the hell could he possibly shack up with that weirdo?
    So, it becomes very clear now - he needs the money to pay for his peccadilloes and all those dumbo's that have parted with their hard earned are the one's that have really been dudded.
    What a laugh - this will keep me going for weeks in the pub - maybe a free beer or three by the time I dress it up.
    Well done you have made my day.

  5. The old Professor, he didn't type lines, he DID lines.

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 8, 2013 at 6:58 PM

    Well, Prof, at least from that video clip we realise why Flummery produced such a dreadful book, with virtually no real science in it. He wrote it for his mum, who doesn't know much about science he freely admits, and for others like her. So, in his own words, he wrote it for people who would believe anything that he said. Especially mum. After all, that's her boy, and so she may be forgiven. The others were just persuaded by the false authority of his position as well as open to influence due to their complete scientific illiteracy. Come to think of it, Flumms really was writing for his own, wasn't he? He seems to have been one of those scientific illiterates himself. He'd hardly have examined the real evidence, to be able to get so apocalyptic about so little real substance. Hard science is obviously not his forte. Flumms' scientific schtick lies in collecting the bones of galloping giant wombats and kangas across the pre-historic landscape.

    On other matters you raise, Prof, I will draw a discrete curtain. If Flumms' cheery disposition has made this confused Once-Was Lady of the Night a happier woman, who am I to judge? I will leave that to his wife.

    What a sad inter-personal web leftism weaves, whether working its magic to create heroin havoc in middle-class girls schooled 'freely' without discipline, or turning rather a boring balding beardies into climatic heroes irresistible to literary leftie groupies.

    Just colour me cynical, Prof.
    Maybe it is true lurve after all. Hope so.

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 8, 2013 at 7:01 PM

    Prof, don't know if this is a general problem on your site or just specific to me, but I can't find an edit button once I'm in Preview. Also, the ID requests come up over the write-in box.

  8. Prof, I am literally "blown" away. Seems for years I have wasted my time and money with, presumably, some lower form of sex workers. How does one become a client of the "professional" sex worker? Is there some University to teach these exotic arts? and is there a touch of irony in ABC hero-worship of sex workers driven by drug addition? It might be character-building if you experience it and beat it but honestly it is not a noble path. Does the ABC want to inpsire teenage girls in their career choice?

  9. Some people appal me in how careless they are in their choice of partner and in particular the disregard to one's partner's shady past practices and immoral ways of making a buck.

    Doesn't the former prostitute have any Minimal standards , going out with Flannery so publicly?

    1. Flim Flam's floozy .... heh heh

  10. There are some truly awful howlers in this Flummery clip.

    “Carbon dioxide for example traps heat energy at wavelengths of about 12 to 18 microns”. This is very inaccurate, and exaggerated. There is a sharp peak at 15 microns, small wings between 14 and 16 microns, almost nothing between 12 and 14 microns, and nothing at all between 16 and 18 microns: http://members.casema.nl/errenwijlens/co2/arrhrev.htm

    Temperatures are going “out of the envelope of variability that has characterized our planet for a million years or so”. Not yet, temps are still noticeably below the warmest temperatures in even the current interglacial period: http://mandobob.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/gisp-last-10000-new.png

    “The amount of energy…expended by hurricanes in the last three decades has increased by 60%...” Sheer crap – accumulated world-wide cyclone energy has recently been at 30-year lows: http://policlimate.com/tropical/global_running_ace.png

    “…very much in line with the additional water vapour that we’re seeing in the atmosphere as we warm it up” Nonsense - http://landshape.org/enm/greenhouse-thermodynamics-of-water-vapor-and-the-ipcc/

    “Brazil by and large runs on ethanol, because, you know, petrol’s expensive”. Garbage: “Since July 2007 the mandatory blend is 25% of anhydrous ethanol and 75% gasoline or E25 blend. However, in 2010, and as a result of supply concerns and high ethanol fuel prices, the government mandated a temporary 90-day blend reduction from E25 to E20 beginning February 1, 2010.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethanol_fuel_in_Brazil

    These are only some of the clearest falsehoods, but practically all of it’s sheer bulldust. Flummery also witters on, mumming lugubrious, about wild polar bears going extinct in 30 years, 4 metres sea level rise by 2050, impossible to keep ports open... one ridiculous alarmist fantasy after another.

  11. Somehow I just can't see Professor Flannery engaged in a threesome. Perhaps if Al Gore is willing or Penny Wong..

  12. Flannery and Holden are the 'progressive' answer to Geoffrey and Brynne Edelsten. When can we expect to see them on 'Dancing with the Stars'??

  13. Seems fine on my PC Lizzie. But same problem on Android as you.

  14. Not wishing to be a spoilsport, but all I see commented out is some meta data for the Open Graph protocol, which is actually included further down the page with the update about the million they've apparently raised (how on earth with so many worthy causes struggling?)

    Open Graph is just a wordpress social media enabling thingy.

    There's certainly no hidden link to said video.

    Yes I am a programmer, no I don't support Flannery, detest the man in fact, but fair's fair.

    All the best,

    nick H

  15. Could this be Flim Flam Flannery's attempt at 'one-upmanship' on that well-known scribbler of second-rate eco-pornography novels, Ravendra Pachauri?