Monday, October 28, 2013

The Bird has flown

The Bunyipmobile has not been in the garage for 10 days or so, and it has been a lonely road paved with quite some regret. Some time ago, as visitors may recall, there came a parting of the ways with the Rufous Bird, who had been a fixture at the Billabong and was rather keen to see those extended visits become permanent. Being a fool, the Professor demurred, one thing led to another, and while there were odd dinners in the name of old times' sake and irregular drinks (for who needs a reason to get out the corkscrew?), the old passion was kept very much in back pocket and handbag. But it was there all the same, stymied by a very stupid Bunyip's wariness of launching into another live-in relationship that might -- but probably wouldn't have, in retrospect -- ended in the acrimony that saw the former Mrs Bunyip depart to her friendly family law practioner.

They say those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it, and that is certainly true. But what they should also  say is that not all histories are templates and that drawing iron-bound lessons from one unpleasant experience can be as fraught with folly as not drawing any lessons at all.

The other day an SMS arrived to announce that the Bird's new companion will be lugging her suitcase on an extended holiday, just the pair of them. The likelihood is that this jaunt will be a prelude to joint residency, so all half-formed plans to resurrect the union are now moot. Probably forever.

One of the things about blogging is the opportunity it presents to cast stones at others' idiocy. Were the topic love, this Bunyip's projectiles would not land beyond the front fence.

NOTE:  The above is this blog's 1000th post. Would that it have been a happier topic.

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  1. We should have known the season's early bushfire at the billabong, which had severed communications, was not caused so much by climate change as a monsoon of melancholia. Plenty of us endure the same heartaches, perfessor, and it is not for us to prescribe solutions or lecture you Flannery-style, just to express our gratitude that you haven't packed up the blog altogether. If necessity is the mother of invention, misery is the mother of genius. Such is life.