Saturday, October 12, 2013

Too poor to be entirely original

A former Silly journalist, who asked not to be quoted directly, writes that Julia Baird should re-consider her disdain for the rich, as they don't have to borrow quite as much as she.

Not that the Silly would deem today's column plagiarism, mind you. The bar was set pretty high when Ross Gittins was cleared after penning a column that boasted 90 per cent of other people's unattributed words, and Ms Baird has actually invested the effort to re-write and paraphrase.


  1. Any coincidence the first comment on the Scientific American article is "jbairddo"?

  2. The Old and Unimproved DaveOctober 12, 2013 at 5:53 PM

    Hey, why plead that the dog ate your homework when you can say that he regurgitated someone else's instead?

  3. Gosh that woman (daughter of the other wimp, the faux-Liberal wanna be loved by the Left Baird?) irritates me endlessly me on 'the Drum'. How did she get the gig, sleep with Ann Summers? And would someone give her a glass of water, she really has a dry-mouth syndrome very irritating, on top of the already terminally irritating "The Drum", which I watch only because I have some leftovers of masochism from a catholic education.

    1. "How did she get the gig, sleep with Ann Summers?"
      You've done untold damage with that line to my imaginary sex life. Which is pretty much the only sex life I have left.

  4. You can't blame her entirely for being an idiot. Her genes are rubbish.

  5. At least we now have a reason for the recent spike in the quality of her output.

  6. Dont knock Fairfaux "stenographers",they were all "trained " by fraudoktor anne summers,! Or are maaaates with her,she teaches marxist,feminiazi "journalism" at uni! i nominate her for The Order of Socialist Labor,to be presented by her fellow Misandrist JooLIAR giLIARd,not Kim Il kevvie hes got the old Mysogeny Germs!

  7. PhillipGeorge(c)2013October 13, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    Property values hide an unpleasant fact that disposable incomes/ discretionary spending on the non essentials by a lower end middle class are being gutted. Restaurants closing and a lot of shops empty of customers or closed.

    Retail is stuffed.

    Tim Flannery, Al Gore won. You are paying big time for the insanity of wind farms, solar subsidies, desalination plants, grants to hybrid cars, etc etc. All for a total lie.

    With 800 years of coal under Victorians why have prices doubled.

    With flooding of the Macalister and Mitchell a routine ten year event why are we paying double for water?

    Privately run jails are a growth industry though Prof and that is the real barometer you should be looking at. Affordability for first home buyers, long term youth unemployment. Graduates who can't read write or think.

    cheers though; plagiarism is a real trench warfare battle - or deck chair alignment on RMS Titanic?

    Prof I won't stop there. Moral relativism has still got you by the balls.
    What's wrong with the science of global warming? It's wrong. Full stop wrong.

    It's not "It depends on your perspective and I respect your lifestyle decisions" No. It's just wrong.

    What's wrong with Islam. Its wrong. Muhammad is/ was wrong. It doesn't equate to Christianity. It doesn't depend on your cultural perspective or heritage. It is simply not the truth.

    The problem with Julia Bairds article is not who really wrote it. The problem is she is wrong.

    Economics with any balls would be working day and night flat out committed to reducing the cost of living for 15 million people asap. It's a survival thing. Not arbitrary at all.

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 13, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    Greed is a terrible thing though, Prof.
    Especially when you are sitting in front of a full box of chocolates.

  9. Neither a Borrower nor a Lender be.
    - borrowed from the Good Book. But really, they can measure 'compassion' now? Lust and Greed too? I want a Lustometer.

  10. Oh give the poor woman a break. She changed "candy" to "lollies", thus moving her lifted article from Plagiarism to a locally-thieved product.

    Much better.

  11. OOH, what a pity my friend isn't as "first Australian"
    She's been plodding along with her thesis for a few years and it's been very hard slog.
    BTW, it's pretty easy to see just how much this "first Australian" contributed isn't it. pretty family pics and all?!