Friday, July 22, 2011

Bed of Rose's

ANNA ROSE, of the Children's Climate Crusade, and Simon Sheikh, of the ABC's go-to Rolodex, are an item, as has long been known. On the one hand, this is a good thing because it saves two other parties the unpleasant surprise of waking of a morning beside either of them.

On the other hand, there is always the possibility they might prove to be a breeding pair, despite their concern for sustainability. This would be a terrible thing for their planet. Apart from another generation of smug, precious, ABC-favoured self-promoters making the 2035 season of Q&A absolutely unwatchable, the whining in other fora would be deafening.

Read this to get an idea of just how bad it would be. It's frightening.


  1. Oh dear God.

    The abysmal grammar...

    The horrid self-centredness...

    The whiny posing as a 'poor little me' victm...

    The vile smarm.

    The shallowest end of the gene pool on full public display.


    (MarkL of Canberra)

  2. I din't get much past the bit where the pair of them were at the Sheraton dining, abstemious of grape or grain, but wallowing in the nepenthe of ardent mobile phone conversations about renewable energy. I'm sure there was much more to turn the stomach but I was all done right there.

  3. These idiots have an incredibly strong sense of self importance.

    I'm getting really tired of pompous twits pretending that they are players.

    Get a real job and get on with life.

  4. I've just realised that Climate change is the only area of society that allows people with zero talent position themselves as important.

    Its the homeground of the talentless and self important.

  5. That. Was. Truly. Awful.

    I was about 2/3 through when I had to throw up.

    The comments were even worse.


  6. She makes Alene Composta look like Bruce Willis.

  7. Was she channelling Arlene Composta surely the article was satire......surely?

  8. Well The Age and The SMH must admire her. She seems to get an award for best Miss this or that every five minutes.

  9. I don't recommend an uncensored google image search for "anna rose" if you are at work. On the other hand if you aren't at work... :-)

  10. I was glad to hear Sandy comment, hope her mum is doing well.

  11. Bunyip, you missed the really interesting thing - Anna's post about Transformational activism

    reveals her interest in the campaign tactics of the Rules for Revolutionaries (Radicals) guy Saul Alinsky, favoured and taught by Barack Obama (fka Barry Soetero) and and who was written about in a thesis by Hillary Clinton.

    No wonder the USA is funding GetUp! especially as their predecessors were funded by George Soros (Shadow Party with Hillary Clinton et al).
    Meanwhile Hillary Clintonb's Muslim aide has very close connections to the Muslim Brotherhood:

    (Apologies if this is a repeated post. I posted earlier and don't think it went through...)

  12. forgive the sics its sunday