Monday, July 11, 2011

The Unsinkable Grandfather Bunyip

MANY THANKS for the prayers and good wishes, which Grandfather Bunyip credits for what his no-longer-quite-so-worried kin regard as a near-miracle recovery. The old fellow was sent home yesterday with instructions to never, ever take an aspirin, not to drive and, above all, to avoid bending over. He agreed to everything and was set free.

Grandmother Bunyip is also much relieved. She had been fretting that the object of her affection might have lost some of his smarts, but the great survivor put that fear to rest when he looked up from a copy of today’s Phage, shook his head in wonderment at the editorial and asked a very simple question:

“If that witch wants to tax carbon dioxide, why isn’t she putting a tariff on goods from China?” he asked.

It is a riddle that demonstrates why Grandfather Bunyip is unlikely ever to be offered a post in the Gillard cabinet. Slurred speech and all (it is getting better every day), he remains far too smart to meet that lot’s standards. Mind you, so his little dog, whose only talent is licking its bottom and stealing the cat's dinner

Once again, many thanks for readers’ prayers and expressions of concern. There is quite a bit of rehab and speech therapy to come, but the Grey Eminence is very definitely on the road back.


  1. Tremendously good news! Great news!

    heh. Can't keep a good Bunyip down.


  2. All the best for your grandfather, Bunyip.

  3. Wonderful news!


  4. Good news indeed Prof. My best wishes to the aged B.


  5. PhillipGeorge(c)2011July 12, 2011 at 9:37 AM

    Good news at last.
    His undiminished erudition brought to the fore one of science's great unsettled issues; does Julia weigh as much as a duck?
    If resolved in the affirmative the good people of Australia can perhaps retract their mandate.

    The expression of which may raise yet another question - are crematoria and Hindu funeral pyres also now cultural anathema to polar bear's last square metres of domestic repose.

  6. Good news indeed, may he continue to do well, and he is right on the money regarding Julia and her carbon tax.

  7. Goes to prove that bunyips aren't that easy to confuse - even when he is suffering Grandfather picks the basic fault in the witches plan.

  8. Glad you're back in action, Old Bunyip.

    Australia needs you to keep up the fight against the stupid, lying, incompetent, hypocritical drones of our Government.
    I hope you find rage helps your recovery, we need you.

    BTW, I read The China Daily, on line, and so far have failed to find any mention there of Australia's amazing suicidal taxation move. Maybe we are not affecting China as we think.

  9. Great to hear, My best wishes for Grandfather Bunyip's recovery.
    The comment about the little dog is brilliant!

  10. Congratulations Prof Bunyip
    Life would be so much more bland without your highly sophisticated wit and ever so slightly partisan commentary which I happen to concur with completely.
    I fear for your golf handicap though.
    Keep up the fine prose!
    David of Sydneys north

  11. Great news professor. I'm so pleased to hear it.

    There is a concerned aspect to the doctor's instructions. If Grandfather Bunyip is not supposed to bend over under any circumstances, does this contradict Labor's preferred position for the Australian electorate regarding the carbon dioxide tax?

  12. good to hear prof.

  13. thefrollickingmoleJuly 13, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    Julia Gillard "renewable,,,blah blah,,,,children...blah...future...blah...big polluders...blah,blah" (20 minutes worth)

    Bunyip the elder "why isn’t she putting a tariff on goods from China?"

    Game set and match, Bunyip the elder..

  14. Medicinal Scotch, always a good choice. But no blends.


  15. It would appear the powers that be have finally woken up to the fact that intensive physio, the earlier the better, is the way to go with strokes.
    We see better progress now, even with episodes that used to kill.
    Good luck and best wishes to the Elder Bunyip.