Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Perfect Prefect

OVER at Catallaxy, threadster JC shares with Currency Lad his playground memories of ABC radio host Jon Faine:
…he was a unlikeable wanker even in high school. He was a groveler too…. like a few of us would be talking while the teacher was…. usual thing…. and he’d do a “shssssshh” loud enough to get me and another kid into trouble. We were in the same classes at times. He always walked around with a frown on his face as though he was unhappy.. like a constipated look. I dunno when he changed his name to “Jon” as he wanted to be called “Jonathon”… 
Faine is still shsssshh-ing people, although these days it is his producer  who hits the mute button on unfit and improper opinions, just as schoolmarm Christine Milne would wish.
The child, as they say, really is the father of the man. 


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  1. Since Christine Milne seems to favour a communist lifestyle, why not simply go and life in a country that has that way of life, feel sure they will welcome her with open arms.