Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Smear, ABC Style

THE arrogance at the ABC, it beggars belief.

The ABC’s Jeremy Thompson (above) went out of his way to do a number on Vaclav Klaus, as Andrew Bolt  and Correllio explain, but don’t expect a correction or apology. With this bloke even a blush would seem out of the question. Here’s how the sort of journalist Christine Milne admires describes his responsibility to truth:

@jthommo101 Jeremy Thompson
Fantastic ABC defo course run by legal eagle Lynette - now we know how to defend the indefensible.

There is a lot of that indefensible stuff at the ABC.


  1. Thanks for the link Professor Bunyip. If I had the time or inclination I would describe the evolution of Thompson's Klaus smear as it unfolded on twitter. It was quite interesting for me to observe the ABC hive mind in action (with a little insertion from Fullilove of Lowy) and correctly predict the ABC story(!?) that would eventuate. Thompson draws from a deep well with everyone keen to lend a hand.

    Clearly the ABC was not interested in getting the interview otherwise they would have sent Uhlmann with a cameraman to the hotel. But news is not their business. Rather, it's the education of the new recruits and their continuing re-education for the benefit of the masses.

  2. I should add: in the spirit of ABC punnery (and as a member of the masses, and hence the ABC's most obedient servant), perhaps I should have titled my last comment 'Educating Latika'.