Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Missing Link

FORTY EIGHT hours have passed since Wendy Carlisle of  Background Briefing put to air her assault on Viscount Monckton -- two days in which a transcript of the sixty-minute slander has failed to appear.

The ABC must struggle through on a paltry billion-or-so dollars per year, but surely it could have processed and posted the script by now. Unless, of course, it would prefer to make a line-by-line examination of its handiwork rather difficult.

Readers might like to drop ABC supremo Mark Scott a polite note and ask why it is taking so long. He can be reached at:


UPDATE: Background Briefing's page now says a transcript will be available on Tuesday afternoon.

And in further development, Carlisle says she will be "tweeting a response to claims I got it wrong on Lord Monckton". Let's help the poor, put-upon thing, shall we? After all, a 140-character limit doesn't provide much scope for elucidation. How about this:

"Can't touch me, I work for the ABC"

Until the election, sweetheart. Until the election.

UPDATE II: Now that we know Carlisle's transcript will be going up soonish, thereremains another reason to contact Mark Scott. Apparently the ABC recruits its in-house lawyers from the bargain bin.


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