Sunday, July 24, 2011

He Stoops To Concur

... Tough it out with Gillard and hope the Bulldog in her starts to emerge....
Having moved to Sydney some time ago, Williamson demonstrates that he is as out of touch with Melbourne's winter sporting scene as with worthwhile metaphor. Like his pinup PM, the Bulldogs began their season amidst many confident predictions of glory in September. Since then, they have failed, disappointed and collapsed. Only yesterday they went to Sydney and  were whipped once again.

If Gillard is to draw inspiration from her favourite football team, coach Rodney Eade will be its source.

He will be fired, and not before time, very soon indeed.


  1. There's not a single original idea, or indeed a single original phrase, in Williamson's piece, it could have been cut and pasted from the letters column of any Fairfax daily. And this guy is one of our Living National Treasures??

  2. I proud to say I have reached somewhat advanced years without seeing a Williamson play. Like the novels of Patrick White this turgid tosh is best avoided.

  3. Ellison, Harlan: "The Whimper of Whipped Dogs"