Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spiking Stuff -- Respectfully, Of Course

VICTIM OF SEXISM Anna Rose posts the following note in the comments thread of her poor-me post:
 Hi everyone – I know there are a lot of people coming to this site from Tim Blair’s blog. Welcome – it’s exciting to have new readers. I would just ask this when you read about my experience. You might disagree with the work I do on climate change. You might decide you don’t like me as a person, even though we’ve never met. You are entitled to your views! But please, think about whether the experience I went through adds to constructive debate online, and whether or not you would think it’s reasonable for your sister, daughter or mother to have those kinds of comments hurled at them. My point is this: we should all be free to do the work we think is important without being the subject of sexist abuse. I like to think that many people who read Tim Blair’s blog, while you disagree with me on many other things, would agree with me on this. Thanks to those of you who are respectfully contributing to the debate happening here.

Anna, whose pillowmate, organizes boycotts against businesses whose views he dislikes, swears she wants to promote “constructive debate online”.

But not too constructive, mind you. The following comment was submitted for publication on that same thread, but never saw the light of day:

Dear Anna Rose,
I wonder if you could direct me to your organisation's current statement of income and expenses? I thought I might find those details in your annual report, but it is heavy on young people leaping and very light on ledgers. Indeed, there are no numbers at all -- a remarkable omission in any annual report.

I am particularly interested to know how much your "major backer", the Purves Foundation kicks in, as well as the contributions of US taxpayers.

If you could also direct me to a list of salaries, including your own, this also would be appreciated, as it might give you a chance to dispel my suspicion that AYCC is an exercise in puppetry by those who find your blueshirts quite handy for PR purposes. As you know, Ms. Rose, the more information, the better those "conversations" you seem to think we need.
Yours in anticipation etc etc
Open as Anna is to “respectfully contributing”, it might have been a mere accident or oversight that saw the comment vanish.

So why not send those financial statement over to the Billabong, Anna? They will be treated with respect. Promise.


  1. My comments at Anna Rose which she has not published

    A bit of fun but 2. was serious and directed to Steven Evans who made several comments on her post and who tweets as @nortypig and has hounded @demonsporfforth for his identity. Not obsessed much is our Steven.

    5. is directed to Anna and is the real issue here: her double standards. She is a public figure and complains when someone sees her and recognises her and boyfriend in a public place and makes a couple of comments in a public forum. But Steven Evan's comments are something else. Is he stalking? Is he planning to hack? Misuse public facilities to hack as well as invade the privacy of an individual? If I add his tweets do I call that bullying? Where is the outrage Anna? Or is she sexist so only cares about the girls? In that case why isn't she interested in naming and shaming say, those who send me abusive tweets. What?

  2. Good. To see the mountebank lapping up comments about her courage makes me want to vomit.

  3. I had a similar experience with Harold Scruby and his Pedestrian Council of Australia . Harold is also the man behind the Ausflag campaign to change our flag.

    The Pedestrian Council is very active in moves to lower speed limits everywhere, they pushed for the 40kph limit we now have in front of every school whether it is open or not. Harold also wants a 10kph limit in any area where pedestrians may be. Anyway I wrote to Harold asking him how many members the Council has, where it gets its money from etc. Harold wrote back promptly. He stated that none of these things were my business and that if I asked again he would have his solicitors deal with me.

    Dame Leonie Kramer and Sir Laurence Street are listed as the patrons of the organisation. The Council also recieves government funding and the list of Directors is a bit of a 'Whose Who'. Yet Harold will not discuss membership figures etc or where the money goes. 'Boy on a Bike' did a piece on Harold which only deepens the mystery.

    Why do people like Anna and Harold like to take public money but not divulge where the money goes? How can we find out?

  4. Not for profit organisation. They don't need to disclose their monies in the same way as ordinary for profit businesses. Which is why they're no for profit to start with. Still, some business digging should out them.

  5. "Not for profit organisation. They don't need to disclose their monies in the same way as ordinary for profit businesses."

    I believe they must still send audited accounts to the regulatory body, e.g., ASIC if the organisation is a company limited by guarantee, or the State body (Consumer Affairs?) if a registered association.

  6. I've thought about this issue a bit and I agree with Rose that those twitter comments count as creepy, and could be construed as a type of stalking. That said, most pollies and many opinion writers (like Miranda Devine, Janet Albrechtsen) cop worse stuff than this all the time, and cop it on the chin: it's part of being a public figure. And I guess Rose will learn that over time.

    Even so, why direct criticism at Rose in this way, commenting on this particular post? She deserves to be criticised for the political views she holds - she certainly should be; I don't particularly like her politics. But why not on some other post?

    Otherwise it just looks like a pile on and will end up convincing no-one.

  7. Disagree TimT - I've followed demonspofforth for ages. He's just funny and has never ever been accused of creepiness or stalking. Did that model, what's her name, something Gale, get accused of 'stalking'? Warnie? Simon and Anna are public people in a public place stuffing their faces. If you want to see creepy obsessive stalking check out Steven Evans comments at Anna's blog

  8. I wrote a response to Anna which was posted on her blog for all of 10sec before being deleted. Now i have been blocked from posting further comments. She loves a debate as long as it's only 1 side of the story gets told. My post to her is as follows.....

    Hey Anna
    Just wondering what your thoughts and feelings are about the not too long ago tweets of Larissa Behrendt in response to Bess Price's appearance on Q and A, "I watched a show where a guy had sex with a horse and I'm sure it was less offensive than Bess Price."
    How's that for a personal attack.How about the support for Behrendt on the ABC and The Drum website after that tweet. What are your feelings towards those who supported such degrading and sexist comments. " By far the best article on Horsegate comes from Tony Martin, writing in the fabulous online journal Scrivener’s Fancy.
    Martin does something that everyone else seems to have forgotten: he puts the exchange in context". So posting horrible comments on twitter is OK, as long as it's in context?
    Where was your outrage and indignation at the twitter community then?
    Professor Behrendt's apology wasn't even an apology. "The tweet has been taken out of context. I did not mean any offense to Bess Price personally and I am on the record with views contrary to hers on the intervention and she knows that."
    "I did not mean any offense to Bess Price" is not an apology.
    IMHO, none of the tweets directed towards you were even half as offensive as the tweet directed at Bess Price.
    Cheers Paul

  9. I doubt whether Anna R will leave my post on her
    TRansforamtional Activism post, so here is what I wrote:

    HI Anna,
    interesting to see that most of your links are to organisations specialising in Saul Alinsky's Rules for Revolutionaries (later Radicals).

    Are you a closet or overt Marxist.?
    Did you ever study science?
    What was the basis of your "belief" in human-induced climate change? Fourteen seems an interesting age to choose such a cause, espcially as I doubt anyone would have taught you any climatic or any other form oif science at the time.

    I would be interested in you writing what prompted your activism in this particular area.

    (I post here as Anonymous because it's the easiest way to post).

    I have not read the replies to her post but I
    must say that I have noticed that some Blairites, to my everlasting regret, do post some nasty stuff relating to certain "womanly" characteristics about people.

    I hate it.
    I would have thought there's enough to criticise about these political cranks and malicious underminers of our society to fill an encyclopaedia, just on the topic of their lying vicious selves alone, and the vicious tactics they use!!

    I myself dedicated follower of the Blair blog, but I don't like reading sexist comments -
    that 's a waste of some good political/ideological invective time.

  10. Anna Rose works here now:

  11. The tweets were a bit rude, but seriously, they're hardly death threats...

    Anyway, how naive is this Anna Rose person? This from one of her blog posts about the introduction of the carbon dioxide tax :

    "And yesterday, we finally saw the fruits of what a power-sharing Government can deliver: policy that incorporates various perspectives and interest groups in a reasonably sensible way"