Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cup Picks

FOR WHAT they are worth, here are the Billabong's picks for a race that stops a nation even more effectively than the PM who declines to act on a Qantas chief's warning.

Omen punters take note: the projected winner also brings Ms Gillard to mind. 

1/ Drunken Sailor
2/ Americain
3/ Manighar 

A FURTHER FESTIVE NOTE: When trick-or-treating tribes of little imps came knocking at the door last night, all received a quick lesson in modern multiculturalism, courtesy of the jelly beans below.

As readers, university-based activists and federal judges will note, each and every one is authentically black.

A FINAL ITEM OF SUGARY NEWS: If you drink Coca-Cola, which goes quite well with rum and bourbon, it might be time to stop. If Coke can afford to give the World Wildlife Warmist Fund seven-figure sums, it can afford to do without your patronage



  1. That can would make a nice target for my under-house air-rifle range...

  2. Atlas shrugs. A man laughs.

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.November 1, 2011 at 11:52 PM

    Glenfiddich neat from now on. Sigh of relief from purists. Appleton Estate so sweet you won't miss the Coke anyway.

  4. ar, just remember to take something heavier than an air rifle when you go after the real thing. Otherwise it'll be your hide in their den instead of the other way around.

    I would buy these coke cans, if only to remind all those who see them that somewhere out there in nature there is a creature which, in the absence of firearms, considers humans as prey - and that contrary to Greenie beliefs, nature is a mean prick with no time for pity or mercy.

  5. Wait, I thought carbon dioxide was poisonous to poley bears and other living things...?

  6. sdog, go to the top of the class.
    I reckon c-c have staged a wonderful piece of irony here: save a poley, stick more CO2 in the air! I love it! I bet the bean counters at c-c are laughing their mittens off!