Friday, November 11, 2011

Gone Cold On Global Warming

IT MUST have been exhausting, these past years, for poor Jon Faine, who this morning on ABC radio heaved a weary sigh and cut off a discussion that was veering into the validity of climate science. Poor lamb found the topic oh-so boring, he told John Roskam as some airhead woman chirped background interruptions about conservatives “ignoring evidence” and not caring about her children. She was still reading from last week’s script, from before the Senate approved the tax imposed by the government Julia Gillard does not lead and PM Brown went all huggy with Mother Milne and Adam Runt.

But not Faine. His catastropharian advocacy, the unctuous reverence for grant-snafflers and propagandists, the hanging judge adjudications at all those stage-managed “debates” he directed – no need for any more of that. Now he can wish away the entire subject, banish it with an oh-so-bored wave and take his ease.

Enjoy, Jon, for there will be another luvvie crusade along shortly, another set of talking points to be memorised, more loaded questions to be put. Sure, history will not be kind, but in the meantime the pay is good and prominence flatters the ego. There is no rest for the sneery.


  1. Faine has form. Not very good form.

    774 listeners, and those who no longer do, might remember his censoring of all Climategate news for two weeks until the infamy became too much.

    The feigned (npi) weariness hides a scientific illiteracy and, most likely, a laziness which precludes reading widely and keeping up with latest data and developments.

    Those two characteristics position Faine as perfect fodder for charlatans such as Gore. Not to mention Gore's (and Generation Investment Management) little spear carriers in government.

    Deborah Cameron has gone. Who's next....?

  2. Beautiful.

    'ignoring evidence' eh? Or not swallowing propaganda that contradicts evidence freely available to your senses.

    The man on the telly, or the radio, or in the newspaper is often telling me stories and 'facts' which contradict evidence freely available to my senses.

    'Sunshine is trying to kill me by somehow giving me a cancer of the nervous system' is a particular favourite. Don't forget your hats children. Vitamin D is in no way beneficial to you.

    Some short films of Stanley Kubrick's played at half speed are another.

    'The day the world changed forever'....provides a bounty.

    How they must laugh. They have plans for 95% of us, and how could you blame them. The Big J is the only hope.

  3. Yes, I became oh-so bored with the boorish Faine's insufferable smugness a long time ago. However, this morning, I did catch that part of the show the Prof. highlights.

    Faine is an advocate for the ABC's 'group-think' mentality and would tend to use that as an excuse not to have to undertake any meaningful research on the subject of the unsettled science of anthropogenic global warming.

    Why is the Inquisition into the Media ignoring the ABC and that Greens rag on the Yarra? Oh that's right - the group-think words again! They obviously don't qualify for a bollocking do they?


  4. Nice touch blaming tsunamis on Climate Change(TM). The warmists slide that one in every now and again, it would probably get traction with some part of the constituency.

  5. Jon Faine is the guest speaker at a coming CPA luncheon. I often go to these but whoever chooses the speakers had a predilection for lefties. So I'll be giving this one a miss. As the CPA blurb says...

    Join us for the final Masters Series event for the year. This festive luncheon will feature Jon Faine, host of the the morning show on 774 ABC Melbourne for 15 years.

    Attend this session to learn about:
    • the role talkback radio plays in Australian public life
    • why talkback radio has so much influence
    • why the ABC has talkback radio
    • whether you can trust what you hear on the radio

    I'll steal Faine's and answer the last question for him as it's easy to guess what his answer will be. Yes -- if it's ABC talkback. A big fact no to everyone else's talkback.

  6. "grant-snafflers"

    Love it Prof- how about "grant-sniffers"?

    Almost rhymes with panty-sniffers. And it's the same demographic, whether they like it or not.

  7. "Jon Faine is the guest speaker at a coming CPA luncheon."


    As in Communist Party of Australia?

  8. The time-integral of sunspot numbers, properly reduced by earth IR radiation by using the first law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy), accurately (R2=0.88) correlates with average global temperature anomalies (agt) since 1895 (such as those verified by Muller) as shown in the pdf made public 3/10/11 at

    The pdf made public 9/24/11 shows the equation that accurately predicted agt since 1990.

    Change to the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide had no significant influence.

  9. You might have a go at that James Paterson article in the Quadrant magazine too. It is so soft on the ABC that I suspect he's some sort of fifth columnist of the aporkalips. Ragards, Blogstrop.

  10. No - CPA as in --