Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gestatin' The Obvious

HIS constant proximity to an elephantine PM must be colouring Transport Minister Anthony Albanese's thinking. He now believes human pregnancies can stretch to 43 weeks

Judith Sloan at Catallaxy sets him straight.


  1. It's the oldest trick in propaganda, talk about the babies... The whole story was clearly (i thought) a fantasy and hopefully ,was obvious to most people who heard or read it.

  2. Check the comments @ Catalaxy, Gab has checked the Hansard and the good clerks of the parliament are working to correct Albo's error to 34 weeks.

    Of course Gab has also provided a link to the procedings where he makes the statement 43 weeks.

    Seems the Ministry of Truth was hoping their Memory Hole could tweak events again.

  3. Can't they spin anything properly? Should have been a lesbian couple if Albo wants to win his constituents back...

  4. Human pregnancies **can** run to 43 weeks (my father always told me he was well overdue, even beyond that), but God help the airline that lets such a woman fly and God help the politician who strongarms them into doing it.

  5. PhillipGeorge(c)2011November 2, 2011 at 11:07 PM

    a typo or bit of dyslexia is one thing Prof, but other "settled science" is no laughing matter; rather something to cry about.

    one of the arguments "true believers" use to deflect from the fact that food crops, including wheat, shall grow faster/ improved yields, with higher CO2 levels is the observation that weeds will also grow faster.

    More food from farms needs to be tempered with the knowledge that there will be more weeds to deal with. No, the argument is really being used!

    FITH syndrome; if you haven't read much into medical research, it is a must know for people tackling Green Neo Paganisms.

    "Let them eat stubble or cakes ?" What is the difference in a couple of hundred years? While Marie may never have said the infamous cake line the campaign about the menace of faster weed growth is really out there.

    As out there as 43rd week mothers being saved by Labor, it is now a historical reality.

  6. And a round of applause for our last contestant who was playing for 'Least intelligible comment in a blog thread. Congratulations Phil, you've won the admiration and respect of dickheads across the interwebs. I'd recommend giving yourself a hand, but it seems as if you have that covered already.

  7. Anon,

    dont lay into Phil. The guy is eccentric and definitely shows a baroque logical progression from idea to idea but he does make sense. I run into guys like that in the bush quite a bit and it is a hell of a cheap shot just to call them fools. Show a bit of tolerance.