Friday, November 4, 2011

Osama bin Laden, Crime Victim

THE Silly's Cynthia Banham knows what needs top be raised as a matter of urgency when Barack Obama visits with our PM, whoever that might be by the time the US President arrives:

A crime had been committed ... Bin Laden's was just the first of a number of high-profile extrajudicial killings which, taken together, are pointing to a very disturbing trend in the development of international justice.
If that observation leads you to suspect Fairfax has now cut the painter and is drifting rudderless on a sea of precious-pie inanity, don't be so hasty. Late at night, when the last Silly editor has donned his Spandex and pedalled off home to Newtown, the cleaners arrive. At that moment, standards of relative intelligence soar. 


  1. "At that moment, standards of relative intelligence soar" - and if they'd just let them have access to the production system, so would the standards and relative quality of their journalism.

  2. Under baby-killing warmonger BusHITLER McChimpyburton, a mass-murdering tyrant was captured alive and got his day in court, judged in a culturally-appropriate manner by his fellow citizens.

    Whereas Hopey McRainbowpants gets a Nobel Peace Prize five minutes after being elected, and proceeds to use it to personally club to death not one, not two, but three foreign devils... all extrajudicial-like, to boot.

    It's hardly surprising there're a few Lefty heads exploding at Fairfax Central.

    I just hope the cleaners are getting paid danger-money (S8C4 Biohazard) for cleaning up the resultant mess.

  3. Cynthia Badham lost her leg, and more, and I think was badly burnt, in the horrific plane crash in Indonesia a few years back when the Garuda jet overran the runway. She has coped with the trauma with great courage.

    That doesn't excuse inanity, I know, and she adopts as an article of faith the entirely unjustified premise that the navy seals had the choice to take Bin Laden alive - in a siege situation with bullets flying everywhere! But that sort of complication doesn't fit in with the left's smug narrative.

    But cut Cynthia a bit of slack.

  4. The correct name appears to be Banham.

  5. where do i find out how to make a (pink panther) berm....

  6. PhillipGeorge(c)2011November 4, 2011 at 11:47 PM

    still misses the grand plan Prof, WTC7.
    with av gas /or kerosene and office furniture how do you make a 49 story steel reo building fall in its own foot-print in 8 seconds ? 6 hours after spot fires have been calmly simmering away in one of the highest security buildings in town. Osama could just as easily be expected to walk on water.

    but compare the two, or three. Saddam - photos, trial, eye witness accounts; Muammar - photos, cell phone video, open display of corpse. Media scrum interviews with heroes.

    Osama, quick burial at sea, one photo from behind/ oblique angle. And how many seals go down in a helicopter just oh so soon afterwards.

    so, this is the tribute to David Kelly paragraph.

    good news. Jesus is who He said He is. Everyone else - well, your guess.

    Shakespeare's dogs of war barking at a crescent moon avert the eye from darker stagehands.