Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birds Of A Feather

WHAT is it with the Jones family and meat production? Lateline/Q&A host Tony's missus, Sarah Ferguson, was the reporterette whose Four Corners' show on abuses in Indonesian abbatoirs knocked the live-cattle industry for six, accusations that a slaughterman was paid to abuse cattle for the activists' cameras emerging only much later.

Now it's the head of the household's turn to wrap dead flesh in another of those unique ABC perspectives. The injury outside the Baiada poultry plant came about, to quote Jones, when "a security guard tried to drive through the crowd."

Watched the video? So what do you reckon? Was it the monstered security guard who caused the trouble by trying to report for work, or do you think it might, just might, be the howling mob that surrounded his vehicle, kicked in its door, tore off the rear-view mirror and, just for good measure, threw quite a few punches through the open driver's window?

If Jones had been handling his wife's Four Corners cattle scoop he would have reported that the cow incited all that kicking and mistreatment.


  1. There is enough evidence in that video for several of the picketers to be charged with Assault and Crim Damage and probably a few other offences as well. Hope that the security guard makes a complaint to Police.

  2. "the howling mob that surrounded his vehicle, kicked in its door, tore off the rear-view mirror and, just for good measure, threw quite a few punches through the open driver's window"

    All while screaming "Peaceful protest! Peaceful protest!"

    If that's their idea of "peaceful protest", I truly wonder what kind of antics they get up to when they choose violent confrontation....

  3. PhillipGeorge(c)2011November 10, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    there would be a counter claim that the security guard attacked protester knee caps with his gonads.
    the deepest pockets would win. those with their hands in the public defenders kitty have deep pockets. such is the generation of 'self defeat'

  4. I've never did like that smug faux-revolutionary Tony Jones big noting himself as “I was involved in a generation that went out in the streets, turned cars over during the Vietnam War.” which later proved to be false!
    You can't believe everything these ABC mouthpieces say including Jone's 4 corners wife for that matter. Incidentally is there any ABC "journalist" whose spouse is also not on the payroll? That would make a refreshing change...

  5. Something for him to reflectup upon whilst talking up criminal damage as a legitimate youthful recreational pursuit:

    Had Jonesy overturned MY car, he wouldn't be walking today.

  6. The video showed what seemed to be at least two punch artists from the equatorial climes - refugees perhaps?

  7. Not relevant to this, just thought the bunyip would like to know

  8. Dave: Thanks for that. Was just about to put up a post. Did you see the price? 83 cents on a stock that closed at about 90-odd cents.

    What can you make of it? Not much if you're John B.

    It was the Fairfax AGM today, so you have to feel a bit sorry for Hywood. There he is, speechifying about his "quality journalism", and John B. steals all the headlines by hitting the silk.

  9. "PhillipGeorge(c)2011 said...there would be a counter claim that the security guard attacked protester knee caps with his gonads."

    Phillip, there is ample evidence in the video of an unprovoked assault through the car window on the victim. The victim was unable to defend himself and was unable to prevent another offender from damaging his vehicle. There is enough for me to arrest and interview the offenders and I'm certain the brief would be approved.

    I'm sure the union would pay for a high price legal representative who would do his best to get the spineless bullies off. Who knows he may succeed, however I can sleep at night, I don't know how criminal solicitors can. I suppose the money soothes their souls.

  10. What a pity the well paid Jonathan Holmes is going on his 3 month siesta. He'll be kicking himself he can't stand up for truth and make an example of Snow Cone Tone

  11. sfw, thanks for that - my comment was overly cynical. Somewhere between the TGA's rape of Pan Pharmaceuticals, Courts allowing Korans into witness boxes and Victoria investing in a drought proofing desalination plant I just about lost 100 percent of confidence in public institutions. A borderless Australia policy, the inverted Apartheid for every minority, and a looming bankruptcy in a tribally fragmented nation just look inevitable - fait accompli. Carbon dioxide non science nonsense, and the "stupefied by relativism" quasi intellectual moral relativist's incessant preaching. Gay utopianism amidst corporatism unstoppable governments of high interventionist growth.

    Your comment is a candle in the wind - or so it seems. I wish I was wrong - is it really the train wreck it looks? Half Australians can't afford their dental work and Julia wants to change the weather by "making the big polluters pay".

    If this were Nero playing the fiddle at least I could whistle along; get a tune out of him, something comparatively substantial cf. today's executive fiats.