Saturday, November 5, 2011


ACCORDING to Rafe at Catallaxy, access to this site has been banned by the the Hotel Kaiserin Elizabeth in Vienna, which seems a tad unfair. Whatever disquiet these jottings might inspire, it's not as if a Bunyip Brigade has invaded Poland lately. 

As for respecting Austrian sensitivities and culture, address that matter to the former Mrs Bunyip, whose lusts never failed to be stoked by the spectacle of the Professor in lederhosen. Indeed, the addition of a Tyrolean hat brought her inevitably to the full boil.

Anyone who wishes to defend the Billabong should drop a line to Herr Norbert Klindert, whose contact details are here.


  1. Maybe "Bunyipitude" translates badly in... Austrian???

  2. It's puzzling how this confusion could arise; I know some people mix Australia and Austria, but there are numerous differences.

    Australia does not a have Nazi past nor did it, to the best of my knowledge, give rise to a family called Hitler.

    Australians would be rather adverse to saluting genocidal dictators should their motorcade enter the country's capital.

    Nor does an RAAF pilot take it upon himself to shoot down unarmed brightly painted Swedish passenger DC3's over Skagerak.

    We're also a little light on for death camps - can't find a Mauthausen here with 30,000 murdered Poles, next to the peace loving citizenry.

    Quite difficult to find orchestral conductors as signed up Party members, too.

    Creeps locking up women in bunkers for decades are hard to find here. And those fresh daily flowers in the Hapsburg mausoleum seem to echo a seedy past not relinquished.

    Hope this helps Herr Klindert correct an obvious mistake.

  3. Professor I can just imagine you riding a halftrack Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251 (google it) belching black soot into Canberra with children on drums and maidens throwing rose petals before you. A glorious victory awaits you.

  4. Several environmental protection agencies would ensure that such a sooty procession would not besmirch the almost pristine environs of the national capital, unless of course this victory parade was celebrating the conquest of all those agencies and the political forces that sustain them.

    Anyway, I have brushed dust of Vienna off my sandals and taken refuge in Munich where I find that access to this site has not yet provoked any defensive activity by the local civic guards.

  5. I'm not sure we, who are embarking on a country wide internet filter soon, should be criticizing a single hotel's internet .. one that is surely outsourced anyway.

    just a thought.