Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Inquisitor's Income Source

AND while we are on the topic of partisan hacks and those who love them, what about Matthew Ricketson? Most often described as “a former journalist and academic”, he is also one of the two inquisitors appointed by our PM to make sure the media writes and thinks in the correct and appropriate fashion. Well Anne Summers’ question about Rebecca Weisser’s “undisclosed” ties to Qantas prompt another matter worth considering.

Why is Ricketson investigating the media when he is (a) a recent Fairfax employee and (b) an ongoing freelance contributor to that organisation -- and also at News Limited, where he made his feelings about Rupert Murdoch crystal clear in an approving review of Bundoora Bob’s laughable Quarterly Essay on the evil that is The Australian (which is so evil it published Ricketson’s thoughts). “I found the essay persuasive overall but don't take my word for it. Read it and make up your own mind,” he wrote in late September.

This is one of the two men who are going to decide what is appropriate to report and how to write it. For the sake of appearance alone, Ricketson must step down.

UPDATE: The Opposition is asking who proposed Ricketson and might that person have been Bob Brown?  The Silly's headline, "Opposition probes prof's links to Greens" 



  1. I'm waiting for Bobby Manne to turn up as a surprise last minute inclusion on the press review panel .. he didn't quit as editor of the Monthly for nothing.

    I would bet a $ he gets a guernsey, or at least gets to run one of the committees this panel sets up. He is so hot for the role and self promotion is not his low suite, it's his forte .. do not get betwixt a "ma" and his trough.

  2. Step down? Are you mad?

    Since when did being hopelessly biased ever stop a leftie from getting a taxpayer funded position of power.

    It's practically in the game plan.

  3. Please don't call it a media investigation. If it were, it would include the biggest media organisation in the country - The ABC.

  4. Ricketson is a Professor at the University of Canberra, a former teacher's college. The ATAR cut-off score for entry to courses in Prof Ricketson's faculty in 2011 was 65. Not quite the level of academic eminence that one might normally have expected for so important an inquiry.