Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hammer Attacked By PSO's Head

LAST NIGHT in Melbourne, a fellow we can assume to be deranged fought with a Protective Services Officer outside Parliament House, struck him on the head with a hammer, took his gun and made off through the Fitzroy Gardens, where he brought an active night to its conclusion by turning the stolen weapon on himself.

Details of the attack are still sketchy and the uniformed victim's condition was not known as of the wee hours, so it would be a foolish observer who attempted to draw an immediate lesson. Here is The Age's reaction, reported under the headline "Death Comes to Spring Street" (which it didn't; the fugitive topped himself near the MCG)  

THE role of Protective Services Officers is likely to come under further scrutiny after a confrontation on Tuesday night left an officer at Parliament House seriously injured in hospital and another man dead while MPs sat metres away inside the house.
Why should PSOs "come under further scrutiny"? Because The Age's sympathies will always be with Melbourne's lunatics and public nuisances, as it made clear only last week.


  1. It has been interesting to see the lefties bag Baillieu for creating PSOs and unleashing these half-trained and armed thugs onto Melbourne streets.

    PSOs have been around for years working at Parliament and the courts. This particular PSO was first employed as a PSO when Brumby was premier! The death has absolutely nothing to do with Baillieu's concept of using PSOs on train stations.


  2. "Melbourne's lunatics and public nuisances" are the only readership the Aged still attracts.

    1. Well, it does make a better blanket than the Herald Sun.

  3. Saw the Plod-in-Charge interviewed last night on TV.
    He was doing his best impression of a wooden cigar-store Indian and engaging in standard Plod-speak ... "the suspect then proceeded to discharge the firearm in the general direction of his frontal lobe and was successful in lodging the discharged projectile in his noggin".
    Plod was playing with a straight bat and delivering the standard "investigations continuing" line.
    The assembled press became a bit terse, to the point of outright hostility to Plod who, incidentally, was not party to the crime.
    Compare and contrast, boys and girls, with the deferential line of questioning employed when .... oh, I don't know ..... say, asking the PM if she knew her boyfriend was a till-tickler.

    The Irish Lion

    1. "Saw the Plod-in-charge last night". Paddy you can start throwing the condescending soubriquets around when you personally have confronted some wanker with a shot gun or a knife intent on causing harm to someone or organised a convoy out of a fire storm [remember Black Saturday and Marysville?] "Plod Speak" as you call it is the result of some smart arse barristers ripping into a past generation of plain speaking coppers fdor what they said before an issue got to the courts or the Coroner. And remember George Orwell's words "Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men [and women] stand ready to do violence on their behalf". That applies to those who wear Police Blue as well as those who wear DPCU's.

  4. Loved the tone of the article:

    "Ms Hilton visited a client with severe schizophrenia who has received fines for thousands of dollars for putting his feet on train seats, littering and travelling without a valid ticket. The client's mother had explained that "he is not a drug addict, he just has severe schizophrenia. He has money on his card but forgets to tap on and off.""

    Obviously! Officers should ask in future if the person with their feet on the seats has a "special" problem. if the answer is yes, the officers should just bugger off. The rest of us can just cope with the feet on seats bloke and his a) taking up space, b) dirtying the seats, and c) not obeying the rules.


    1. Sounds like the rest of Australia you have had a gutful. In the words of Stevie Wright "I used to be a peaceful man, full of peace and love" lately I've become less and less accepting of ignorant and plain criminal types. I pay my fares whilst watching the ferals jump the turnstiles at Penrith station Friday nights. I expect my civil service to act, I advise station staff but nothing happens?

      Feeling unable to access your democracy?


  5. ABC news were also taking the line that somehow it's all the fault of the PSOs. One possible explanation for this otherwise baffling attitude is that middle-class progressives HATE authority figures - above all, cops - but realize they can't just come out and say so without sounding like the lunatics they actually are. So they project onto proxy issues - like railway ticket inspectors, tasers, PSOs.