Friday, August 16, 2013

Labor cures cancer

Boy on a Bike looks at some Labor election material jammed in his slot and wonders why Tony Abbott gets no credit for saving a teacher from breast cancer. It was all Labor's doing, apparently, although it is a bit hard to tell from the dodger.

Just like Back Stab Bill,  the Lycra Lad's local Labor hopeful isn't keen on reminding voters of the party to which he belongs.


  1. Ha! I've long noticed a similar problem with Chisolm's very own Anna Burke, who for years seems to have forgotten which party she belongs to.

    Her last, multi-page, glossy missive contained 1812 words, none of which identified the party in question. So much data, and yet no information. What could cause such memory loss?

  2. The only side John Murphy is interested in, is the one on the beast from which his wife's measly portion of beef bourguignonne was cut, by those niggards in the parliamentary dining room. Take care on the hustings, as the fattened calf may be slipping from your trough.

  3. We get election mail at both addresses- in Canberra Gai Brodtmann-Uhlmannnn always has royal blue livery like the stalwart conservative she is, and in Queensland we're getting mail from the local socialist fu wit in everything from orange, yellow and green to you guessed it Liberal blue.

    For people with all those cool songs about wrecking civilisation they don't seem very proud of that bright red traitors' flag of theirs, do they?