Friday, August 16, 2013

The fruit of Alene's womb

One hears rumours, whispered tales that, like Elvis, the late Alene Composta marches on, for there will always be another enemy of progress to identify, a fresh crusade to join. Sadly, there is no proof nor even hint of substance to support such talk of a corporeal presence. What we can know for sure, however, is that her spirit remains at the ramparts in the manly form of son Leo, spotted this very day at The Drum, the same site where his mum was treated with such monumental treachery.

In this hour of crisis for the left, with the polls low and sagging further, it restores the spirit to see that differences can be set aside, feuds calmed and old grudges forgotten. Climate pro and Drum deep thinker John Connor must be heartened by the support as the left comes together in a frantic, last-minute bid to save its grants, sinecures and favourite national broadcaster.

Perhaps, just like Alene, the ardent Leo will also soon bless The Drum with his more formal thoughts.

Over to you, Young Chip.

(H/T: Mavis from Mt Macedon, who spotted the Composta name while surveying what a billion dollars of public money buys these days.)


  1. I once stumbled over a forum that consisted entirely of the more sophisticated bots, actually replying to each other's posts, trying to tailor their gibberish to each other's spam about whatever trap or product they were getting people to click on.

    It was very spooky.

    Then I unwisely visit the Drum...

    If the bot forum was Terminator, the Drum is definitely Sally from Oblivion endlessly conning a serious of clueless clones...

    "We are an effective team"...

  2. The Old and Unimproved DaveAugust 17, 2013 at 4:55 PM

    "The fruit of Alene's womb"

    Strange place for a Gay Pride demo...