Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The suppository went by the name of Kevin

The Age -- a paper that worked itself into a recent lather about the Telegraph's apparently shameful use of its front page to urge the ouster of Rudd and his comrades -- earlier today featured this artwork in the top left-hand corner of its website:

Notice the little pictures in the background, the sort that twitter wits whip up, some quite rude. And if they are too small, the Age makes them available for close perusal here 

The Billabong's computer must be malfunctioning. Somewhere in the paper's archives there has to be a record of similar prominence being given to "hyper bowl", "high dungeon" or "taliband". Funny thing though, no amount of searching has been able to turn up any such examples.


  1. And no mention of that diplomacy classic from 'she who has been disappeared'- "Is that an apple in yer pocket or are yer just happy to be here?".

  2. Anal and faecal fixations in the Leftist's sand pit, are indicative of arrested development and another example of their struggle to raise the mind above basic bodily functions. First The Guardian, and the patriarchy of a toddler's chamber pot. Now The Age, loosening its bowels on a prospective Prime Minister.

  3. The headlines achieve what they need to do, to take Cheatin' Rudd out of the headlines. Bolta had a nice image of how the news of Speers enabling the Cheat was the Top 5 story in every paper yesterday

  4. Hilarious to see mouth breathing communist lapdogs like the media scum making fun of a malapropism as their pack leaders spell lectern with a "u".

  5. I suspect Abbott knew exactly what he was saying and was just being deliberately naughty.

  6. Oh Prof, they are all worried as the Eveready Bunny( in Lycra togs) shows no signs of flagging and they are all out of puff( and ideas and policies and ideas and...)
    Go Tony
    My mantra:
    On September7
    Say "Adieu, Kevin!"