Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Crazed Weapons Bearers"

There is almost a need to begin this post with an apology, or at the very least an explanation, because once again the topic is Daily Life, where lunacy's lily lacks not for the gilding of further comment. That Fairfax engaged the service of an editrix who is either deeply cynical or certifiably insane has been evident since she was charged with planting the company's flag in the hip new world of digital publishing. That she then engaged the services of writers with more loose screws than Bunnings tends to suggest the latter diagnosis, for if she was aiming to recruit gibbering frothers to attract an audience of gibbering frothers then a little voice must surely have whispered that she would be able to push that agenda so far and no further. With Clem Bastow making common cause with the Salafist weird beards who have visited grief upon the Miss World pageant, it is once again clear that no nuttery is beyond Daily Life's pale. And if there is slightest doubt remaining, Peter Giugni's thoughts on the Kenya massacre will dispel them.

Let us start with the headline, which should have been rendered thus:

How not to respond to a humanitarian crisis another Muslim massacre

Then it gets worse. Here is the first pragraph:
It is an unfortunate truth that tragedy abounds these days. Sometimes in the form of unavoidable natural disasters. Or the most abhorrent man made events, such as the one we have just witnessed in Nairobi over the weekend, where crazed weapons bearers chose to assault innocent civilians.

"Crazed weapons bearers" indeed! Couldn't Giugni have been a bit more accurate. You know, "mad Muslim butchers"? Perhaps he was worried that mentioning the Religion of Peace by name might see Bastow's front-invitation to the next burqa fashion show invalided.

It gets better, though. With all those infidels bodies clogging Nairobi's morgue,  Giugni seizes upon a tweet, one of several billion sent every day, as his launching pad for some thoughts on the rug-kissers whose creed inspires them to execute anyone who cannot name Old Mo's mum.That he manages to do this without once using the word "muslim" is quite the achievement.

"I doubt they’ll have a great deal of time for your anxieties," he tells the tweeter, "over visiting a coffee plantation cum family heirloom cum relic of international imperialism that arguably accounts for some of the tensions in Somalia today which led to the creation of Al Shabaab as a militant insurgency in the first place."

Clear on that? Scores have been murdered in cold blood because Pommy planters with a taste for gin, polo and other planters' wives planted coffee seedlings in a country with but the slightest connection to Somalia, whence the latest batch of bearded animals emerged.

Giugni piles more fashionable obscenities and circumlocutions each atop the next, pausing only to upbraid his tweeter for not being a master of thumb-typing and spelling. This from a man whose first paragraph is an end-to-end fender-bender of verb-less "sentences" and who has not grasped that compound adjectives need hyphens. Neither has Daily Life's editrix, apparently.

So Daily Life, edited by a nong, also publishes nongs. What's the surprise there?

Just this. When not writing for Daily Life, Giugli is a lawyer and globe-trotting field operative for the Red Cross, with a special and recent interest in Afghanistan. Can't you just imagine the conversations with "clients"?

"So, Mohammad, you blew up an Australian troop carrier."

"By the beard of the Prophet, indeed I did!"

"Well that's not nice, but it is understandable in light of what happened to poor Truganini."

Dribs and drabs of charity flow to worthy causes from the Billabong, and quite a few of those over the years have gone to the Red Cross. There will be no more donations to that particular charity from this point on.

UPDATE: When not making excuses for murderes, Giugli is a pretty cool guy -- so cool there is even a little song about what a cool guy he is.

Peter Giugni is a pretty cool guy
He wrote to his girlfriend over three hundred times
A letter for every day he's away
Saving lives and slaving away
Some might call him Korny
But I think he's pretty fly

Peter Giugni: The king of Generation Y
Peter Giugni: He'll troll you till the day you die
Peter Giugni: He doesn't even have to try
Peter Giugni: He's a pretty fuckin' awesome guy

ؤ نهٔ ؤ يو سړی ؤ چې فلټر نومېدهٔ
خوست پهٔ ښار كې يې كار كاوهٔ
ډېر ښهٔ سړی ؤ
د كنجوسۍ ډېر سخت خلاف ؤ
ډېر خلكو سره يې مرسته كوله
او همېشه عجيب و غريب تحفې انډيوالانو ته يې وركولې

(Once upon a time there was a man called Peter
He used to work in Khost City
He was a very good man
He was strongly against tight-assery
He really helped the people there
And he was always giving his friends all sorts of wondrous presents)

Peter Giugni
Talkin' 'bout Peter Giugni


  1. Red Cross have an unpleasant reputation going back to World War 2, where it is recorded fact they refused to enter combat zones (as indeed is still the case) whereas eg the Salvos dived in without fear or favour to give aid and comfort, evacuate wounded of both sides and so on.

    Red Cross in many respects is the prototypical example of the charity that never quite manages to distribute funds to the needy but supports a massive elite bureaucracy living high on the hog. So many NGOs have followed in its spurious footsteps or dream of doing so.

    Meanwhile the Salvos have to deal with the simmering mongoloid resentment of the secular humanists and marxists of the world.

    1. Follow the money; they run a bloody good monopoly with the blood bank. The cash cows that feed themselves.

      Its just dressed up humanism. Jesus mentioned yesterday's menstrual rags by way of illustration. Given who He is, take note.

      These are not the knights templar/ knights hospitallers. How dare they subvert any form of cross, even obtusely.

  2. Bunyip I stopped donating to Red Cross years ago due to their involvement in politics rather than charity. Same for some of the other so called "charitable organisations".

  3. Some doubt still remains, as to the fate of a particular woman in the Nairobi slaughterhouse. Let us hope she has been taken out, and that she is quickly elevated to the status of feminist martyr. The Age could weave the whole grisly business into a post-modernist fairy tale, stardust and all
    What they will not tell us however, is the best bit. How many male virgins were awaiting the White Widow's ascent into heaven, and if there was a happy ending.

    1. With any luck, they'll all be gay.

    2. Why the big fuss about virgins. Any sensible religion would think this through and would provide half the amount of "experienced" women.

    3. No need Niall - as I understand it, the virgins reinvent themselves. Thus, there is an unlimited supply of experienced virginal women.

  4. So many charities are infected with confessions of Western guilt and rampant climatic and other greenery that I am very careful now about the choice of those worthy organisations to which I donate.

    Inspiring, hopeful, interventionist and entrepreneurial are aspects that I look for now in my charities of favour.

  5. The CEO of the Australian Red Cross is Robert Tickner. Say no more.

  6. The song sounds like it was written by the year 10 boys at a public high school about the teacher who lets them fool around

  7. During world war 2, my grandfather was in charge of the Clifton Hill(Vic) tip in retirement
    On more than one occasion a truck would come dump stuff- atruck with Red cross emblems blazing Granpa took agander and the "rubbish" was parcels addressed to Aussie soldiers ,presumably knitted garments and fruit cakes and hoemade produce to give out boys a treat. That they could so easily--I say scandalously-- mistake the tip to the road to the airport enraged my family so much that for over the 60 +years since we have NEVER donated to the Red Cross,and i doubt we ever will.

  8. The supposedly neutral Red Cross took the side of evil in the Israel Hezbollah conflict in 2006. They fabricated an incident with a Red Cross Ambulance to implicate Israel in a war crime.

    Not only have they never apologised for that but they haven't even admitted it. Zombietime blog has all the details.

    The Red Cross should be listed as a terrorist supporting organisation.

  9. I stopped donating to the Red Cross and World Wildlife Fund as soon as it became clear that they were pissing about in politics and green revolutions.
    The Salvos and Doctors without Borders get my cash now. I say this to encourage others to do likewise.

    1. DWB are mostly very good but occasionally would send me some leftist garbage about Israel, I remember a big article in the newsletter basically accusing them of the worst atrocity ever committed during a Gaza campaign. I don't even mind supporting Palo refugees but I stopped donating at that point. Hopefully they learnt their lesson.

      Where does my money go now? My own school for fee relief for poorer kids and to the Melb orchestra which runs outreach programs all over the city...they have a whole orchestra made up of reffos from the outer suburbs. Increasingly it seems to me that most of the problems OS are basically insoluble by outsiders. Check out the Gates foundation and the mosquito nets...There is plenty we can do for our own neighbours, plus I get invited to see the recipients with my own two eyes and ask them how they are going!

  10. These antics aren't even worthy of some juvenile writing for their school newspaper. It's breathtakingly self-indulgent tosh!

  11. With respect my dear Bunyip, it seems Peter Giugni is not a lawyer but a basket weaver:

    "Course: Giugni did a Bachelor of Arts at Sydney University, majoring in Hindi/Urdu and Asian Studies. At present he’s completing a masters in Human Rights Law at the University of New South Wales. "

    The Master of Human Rights Law course only requires an "Undergraduate degree in law, the social sciences or humanities (minimum credit average)".

    It might be good enough for the Red Cross but it won't get him admitted to practice in NSW if he's only done Arts as his undergraduate degree.

  12. You are a funny bunyip, Bunyip.

    It's hard to find a worthwhile parking spot for the charitable loose change these days. I generally turn my back on the 'progressive' door knockers with their hidden leftie ideological agendas, and hand it over to the local church who will use it for useful things like paying pastors and maintaining buildings. Oh, and for standing as a bastion against the suicide bombers and their ilk.

    1. Allah hu akbar Anonymous,

      you're one of those useful ................

    2. Moreover, when, not if it happens here, you'll be wringing your hands about 'shouldn't we have given those poor driven troubled sensitive types a Mercedes each to harmonize them'

      QED Prof, the horse bolted. So pay and keep paying for windfarms, desalination plants, and every sundry appeasement to allah, Gaia, the disabled black cross dressing lesbian appreciation society of non christian religious leagues etc, etc. etc

      Darwin and moral relativism and moral equivalence has got even your better informed readership by the monkey's grip balls.

      They haven't got what they had but still don't know it. Barry Jones' sale of Telstra was among the last lowerings of the flag. A vague economic over rationalism unites their thinking - and that's about it.

  13. "It is an unfortunate truth that tragedy abounds these days. Sometimes in the form of unavoidable natural disasters. Or the most abhorrent man made events, such as the one we have just witnessed in Nairobi over the weekend, where crazed weapons bearers chose to assault innocent civilians"

    Abbreviated: "Shit happens"

  14. Please, someone take Fairfax down to the RSPCA and have them humanely put out of our misery.

    1. Small problem Tapdog,
      you are asking one once great and benevolent organisation, that brought comfort to many ( since infested with hard left rent-seekers and high paid laywers) to deal with an equally rotten and infested nest of lazy leeches?

  15. I stopped giving to the Red X when tickner became CEO.

  16. Professor,

    No comment on the 15% Age price hike today?

  17. I wonder if Daily Life might do an article on "crazed knife bearers"?
    I recall one client who got quite carved up by his ex-girlfriend armed with a carving knife. Not her fault that she was 'crazed': and that she was bearing a knife might have been pure happenstance: she probably meant him no harm at all, but all those factors converged and she could not help herself, poor dear. That probably is what happened in Kenya.
    Or should we just say that evil is, well, evil?