Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wind Turbines And Intelligence: A Case Study

IS THERE no end to end to the Murdoch evil? Dismayed by growing opposition to ugly, noisy, inefficient wind turbines, green blogger Sandi Keane nuts out the Rupertian conspiracy:

Besieged media mogul, Rupert Murdoch owns Cavan, a substantial rural property in the fine grazing country … The district of Yass has arguably been targeted for a larger proportion of wind farms than elsewhere in Australia … No other media in Australia has run a more distorted and dishonest scare campaign about wind farms than the Murdoch media.

You could not make this stuff up – but they do, all the time.


  1. PhillipGeorge(c)2011July 27, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    actually Professor,

    I hate the whole alternatives "mythology" - but wind power could be made to work if hydrolysis plants were dotted around the country...

    make to H2 to store it indefinitely of just overnight.

    in any case the Chinese are going to give us 800 ppm and there isn't anything short of warfare the West could do to stop it....

    and 800 ppm will be very good for this real living plant filled planet.

    Maintain the rage - this blog expects every man to do his dutyy

  2. But there is more to this story - ofcourse the general public don't get to hear about it:-

    But are these wind turbines all they are cracked up to be? Obviously as the government is pushing for more of them, we will only get to hear what they consider to be ‘positive’ comments about them. Other’s have very different opinions. ABC chairman Maurice Newman favours the analogy that wind turbines will turn out to be for power generation what the zeppelin was for air transportation: it looked promising but was not the answer.

  3. What an idiotic site. What an idiot. I'm surprised he didn't also cram the Koch brothers in his conspiracy theory.

    Any relation to the other idiot Keane?

  4. Keane sounds like a complete lunatic to me.

    The next article was about cluster bombs, which are a pet hate of the Left. It's interesting that the thing for which cluster munitions are best suited is repulsion of mass attacks by infantry (mounted or on foot) or tanks, the sort of attacks which the West might have to deal with if it ever went to war against China, Iran or North Korea, or some future super-Caliphate if such a horror should come to be.

    As things stand, political pressure from the Left is forcing development of ever more precise (and expensive) weapons with ever more limited fields of effect. This is NOT what is potentially needed in a major war against the West's potential enemies. We need weapons that cover large areas cheaply.

  5. Who do they think Murdoch is, the lost Kennedy cousin?

    "But that's where I sail!"

  6. Anon, that sounds suspiciously like the nappy wetting that went on over Neutron Bombs. Effective against tanks and other armoured vehicles, the Left railed against these weapons as 'capitalist bombs that kill people but don't destroy property' The Soviets, of course, went ahead and designed their own and were never demonstrated against.
    The same with mines.
    Why do the Left always side with our potential enemies?

  7. Socialist "thinkers" absorb an alien thought system due to alienation from their own heritage. The socialist creed preaches internationalism ie betrayal of one's own culture, and the socialists never seem to quite understand that there's always been a puppetmaster behind that happy horseshit.