Monday, July 2, 2012

Always Hot In The Cubby House

THE SILLY’S little green imp Ben Cubby keeps the faith – the faith in cherrypicking, that is. The Arctic is melting, he tells readers, advising that the cracking pace at which ice is vanishing represents “the impact of warmer air and water temperatures” which “can be directly measured”.

Yes, it can be directly measured – as it was back in March, when ice levels were up and nudging the 1980s average. Somehow, perhaps because he was too busy being a carbon-tax supporting quality journalist, the easily distracted Cubby neglected to mention that little fact.

WUWT has all the charts, some of which show declines while others describe increases. Fairfax shares should be so lucky.


  1. I note the ALP house-trained journalists and TV presenters have been beating the drum about the Air Tax being a "once-off".
    I think the word you are looking for is "permanent" ... unless, of course, they mean "once-off" after we ditch the useless lying ranga.
    The Irias Lion

  2. PhillipGeorge(c)2012July 2, 2012 at 10:53 AM

    A once off.
    All the endurance of a Gillard Emerson, its deep, love affair?

    or a "once off" as in
    One man, one vote, once is enough.

    Can a fascist evisceration of democracy be a democratic affair? Can democracy be democratically abolished? What do Stalin, Mao and an Ayatollah all have in common? Useful idiots is what they all have in common.

    Useful idiots, as in, an Age Newspaper collective.

    Gina, do your thing. Gut the place or sell the presses to Chinese scrap metal merchants. Or dump all the shares with a grin.

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.July 2, 2012 at 11:23 AM

    The delicious fruits of cherry-blossom time will come round every year, Prof, to keep the punters in line and on the page should Labor get to have their wicked way with the economy on any continuing basis. We'll have an ever-increasing CO2 tax until Goldman Sachs and such take the opportunity to fall in with Nigerian entrepreneurs to produce a carbon-credit economy for willing ingenues like Australia.

    1. Yes Lizzie.
      I have been thinking that we will find, circa 2016, that the sum total of carbon sink trees planted in Nigeria will be enough to clothe entire country in plywood to a height of 300 feet.
      Some clever dick will do a run over the target with a satellite and find there is about a dozen beetle-ridden bonsai's in the entire nation.
      Shock, horror!!!
      We will then find the scamsters are merchant bankers and people with less the six degrees of separation from UN Climate flunkies.
      (For homework look up son of Kofi Annan, Oil for Food)

      The Irish Lion

  4. In 1944, the RCMP Patrol Vessel "St Roch" made the passage from Halifax to Vancouver in c.85 days. THis meant that the Northwest Passage was ice-free that year, and thus the ice cover was at a minimum, much as Mr Cubby's understanding of sciencey things.


  5. Professor you should check out the poll added to Ben Cubby's Jones/Climate piece today. It's one of those "do you agree with us or are you stupid" type deals.

  6. The alpgroin guvmint totally understand them scienty thingos,totally ! With the help of the scientish genii even a batchelor of them yarts ( lawr) can become a disciple of the untidy commo nayshuns talk and send heaps of cash to helpnthe Tovarishi become the unelected world guvmint. " Moving Forward into the 1920s with the Successors of Comrade Ulyanov " !!

  7. Who would have thought floating sea ice would melt in the Northern Hemisphere?

    And during summer no less!

    I think Da Cubster might be onto something big there.

    Lets hope Joolya doesn't seek to redress this malady by dumping a big Southern Hemisphere Ice Tax on us.

  8. Just Imagine: Ice round the Ice Caps recedes when it is summertime in the relevant area. And miracles of miracles, ice comes back in winter time. It is just mind boggling!!! .

    1. PhillipGeorge(c)2012July 2, 2012 at 8:14 PM

      There was identical reporting of the hole in the ozone layer. Ozone is made by solar radiation hitting the upper atmosphere; so every year a hole developes over the arctic or antarctic during its respective winter. For years environmentalists were calling the growth of the hole during the arctic winter or antarctic winters. Something that has only been going on annually from since the earth had an atmosphere - but a big environmental concern to pathological planet savers. If this weren't a deadly serious grab for money it would be too laughable to mention.