Thursday, July 26, 2012

... And Olive Oyl Owns A Howitzer

IS Fairfax contributor and firearms expert David Hirst one the pseudononymous posters at this online forum, most particularly the fellow who insists he was allowed to inspect and handle Elmer Fudd's famous shotgun at the NRA's Hollywood Museum of Cinematic Weaponry?

An Age columnist-in-waiting

If anyone comes across a further claim that the author also has inspected the AK-47 often taken to school by Swee Pea of Popeye fame -- perhaps purchased at the gun show referenced below -- it will be a Hirst post for sure.


  1. Is that the truth?
    Or did you read it in The Age?

    The Irish Lion

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.July 26, 2012 at 2:26 PM

    Could it be time for Hirst to say a farewell to arms?

  3. The Hirst, assuredly, also has operational opinions about orthopaedic surgery, night soil carting and the amateur enthusiast's favourite...... aviation.

    The grievous illustrator's error of a rifle foresight on Elmer's shotgun, where a tiny bead should have resided, will have the Hirst doing his "accuracy in all things" handstands.
    'Can you bear it'.

  4. The pen is mightier than the “single-barrelled pump-action semi-automatic AK-47”

    Unless, of course, the pen is being wielded by an Age Op-Ed purveyor of myth.
    Then my money is on the AK-47.

    I think I know what the “pump action, single barrelled” device Mr Hirst is adept at operating.

    The Irish Lion

  5. You metropolitan types don't have it all to yourselves. Check out the pap Fairfax serves up in the sticks:

  6. Hirst the documentary maker eh?
    Strikes me he could be a pale, thinner (and who isn't?) version of Michael Moore.
    Modus Operandi goes like this ....
    (1) Develop jaundiced view of political opponents;
    (2) Cut 'n paste footage and commentary to suit prejudices in (1) above
    (3) When called out, deflect criticism by calling your piece of vitriol a "polemic commentary" or "comedic devices"
    (4) If tactic in (3) fails, construct right-wing conspiracy theory

    The Irish Lion

  7. Journalist's guide to firearms identification - you need this: