Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Liar's Love Nest

HOSPITAL duty and geriatric taxi services mean no more posts until Sunday night, but until then contemplate this lovely home at 85 Kerr Street, Fitzroy, where "a young and naive lawyer" wiggled and wobbled  in her scanties with love god and shakedown artist Bruce Wilson.

Andrew Bolt, the bravest man at News Ltd., refuses to drop the subject of our PM and her light-fingered  former swain. He has some fascinating documents on  his Herald Sun site, where the evidence mounts that News Limited is going down the Fairfax road. First, the company's papers were banned from examining our PM's dark background. Now readers cannot comment on the evidence Andrew is providing.

And on the subject of hospitals, many thanks to the several readers who offered to buy Father Bunyip a wheelchair. The generosity is appreciated, but money isn't the issue. Rather, it has been the Pater's refusal to admit he is getting older and now needs one. The hobbles down hospital corridors over the past week or so appear to have finally persuaded him.

Back Sunday night or Monday morning. 


  1. So is that the love nest where Gillard allegedly got preggers to Wilson?

    "Gillard was living with Bruce Wilson in the Kerr Street house. Union officials have confirmed that, when they visited the house on union business, even on weekends, Gillard was running around in her dressing gown. Although she owned another house in Collingwood it was known by one and all that she was living with Wilson. She was at one time pregnant to him."

    If any of this is even half true - what a sordid lot these socialists are.

  2. I hadn't realised until I caught up with the old warhorse Larry Pickering at his Pickering Post
    that our august Prime Minister was a serial adulterer. I was well aware of her liason with Dr Craig Emerson but hadn't realised that Bruce Morton Wilson apparently had a wife and child before he shacked up with the "young and naive™" Partner at Slater & Gordon.

    Bolt, Alan Jones and Pickering are continuing to push, but the fur won't really start to fly until McClelland brings it up in the senate or the hinted at lawsuit is launched.

  3. She will continue to skate along unscathed. I have great respect for those bringing her past out into the sunshine however I think she has the game sewn up.

    Best wishes to Mater and Pater. As one who is ageing I know how hard it is to admit one can no longer do all that one could before. I am shrinking so life now means carrying a stool from room to room to attack is still a good life tho.

  4. Obviously Miss Gillard is guilty. If Gillard is not guilty, then there is nothing for her to fear about. gillard does not have any honesty. I hope ALP will kick her out soon

  5. I think you might be interested in what Larry Pickering has to say too as it was him that posted the Affidavit for Bolt to link to...

  6. Andrew Bolt certainly is a fine example of what a "real" journalists should be. All we have mostly is the shameful, disgraceful and self promoting rabble of the Age and the ABC who stand for nothing. Integrity, honesty, honour and dignity is what they are avoid of as they preach their lunatic political doctrine that only someone with a severe case of cognitive dissonance could only comprehend. We need another ten Andrews instead of the cowards we have now in place. They are truly a disgrace.

  7. The Old and Unimproved DaveJuly 21, 2012 at 2:21 PM

    Is it the entrance to the LHS or the RHS ?

    "Midnight, one more night without sleepin'
    Watchin', till the morning comes creepin'
    Green door, what's that secret you're keepin'?"

  8. May I wish Mater and Pater all that is good. being of an advancing age I know how hrd it is to admit you can no longer do all the things you did with ease. I am shrinking so carrying a stool from room to reoom is obligatory to get into cupboards.

  9. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Bad mental picture, and at the union members expense. Shameful for anyone, but more so for our worst PM ever.

  10. Hi Bunyip
    That is two properties, only the one on the left is at the address 85 kerr st fitzroy.

  11. The disgraceful mess she has made across the three cardinal areas of government i.e administration, finance and policy is unforgiveable and will take the Liberal Coalition decades to mend. She is a proven liar with an aweful track record of demonstrable deceit and indeed obstinance. The worst government in the history of Federation in Australia - thus far. The quicker she and her band of labor/greens/turncoat no hopers get the boot the better off we Aussies shall be.