Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deniers Get A Good Rogering

IN THE AGE today -- where else? -- Professor Roger Jones of Victoria University holds forth on just how invaluable Australia's sacrifice will be in lowering global temperatures. Apparently 0.0038 of a degree is hugely significant, and China will think poorly of its southern neighbour if we all don't get together and learn to love the Yabby's carbon tax.

Now Victoria University is a modest centre of learning (with much to be modest about, as they say), and Roger Jones might be seen by some as one of the better arguments for restoring the institution to its glory days as the former Footscray Tech, where valuable skills like plastering and panel beating once were taught.

These days, it is rap music that occupies its warmist academics, and this is worth remembering when weighing just how seriously Jones' assertions should be taken. Here he is, getting down from about the 1:00 minute mark with the foul-mouthed climate crew in the celebrated ABC video "I'm a Climate Scientist".

Yes, he's an effing climate scientist, no doubt about that. How could you not believe every word the man utters?


  1. It must be very disheartening for people like Roger Jones to realise just how many people no longer in this climate change rubbish.

    I wonder what fresh terrifying scares they'll continue to whip up as we creep into the last dying days of the Gillard regime?

  2. At VU, you can get a degree in 'Sport and Recreation Event Management'. All you needed enroll in 2012 was an ATAR score of 62.25.

    Consuela Potez

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.July 24, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    As a 'climate scientist', he makes a great plasterer, Prof. Although on second thoughts, he may not be neat nor clever enough. Let's keep him on the early stages of panel beating. He could do it to music to show us all how well he can hammer something to death until it's a write off for scrap. There's talent there.

  4. Wow. 0.0038 of a degree. All we need is another 262 nations to nobble their industry like Australia is currently doing and the world will be one whole degree cooler by 2100!

    That's if you can believe Roger's calculations. It's not as if "Climate Scientists" have ever lied or exaggerated before is it?


    As for China thinking poorly of us, well, considering they have increased their CO2 emissions by an amount greater than Australia's annual emissions every year for the last eight years and plan to continue to do so, no doubt they already think we are idiots.

    And they would be correct.

  5. Well people who can in one day fly interstate and somehow manage OK with a variation of 10degrees or more in a day,will read that tosh and say "Bunkum!

  6. Top fabrications at VU:



    Little wonder that SBS Warrior has troubles with reality

    1. Rather splendid scholastic standards example:
      "Institue of Sport, Excerise and Active Living"