Friday, July 20, 2012

Blubbering For A Plankton Pig

LAST NIGHT, after returning from the hospital, a good feed of greasy fish and chips seemed in order, as few things lift the spirits so much as a cutlet of shark dipped in batter, deep fried and served with potato cakes and, for dessert, a steamed dimmy. Very tasty -- and safe to eat, too, because it seems that human sentimentality extends only to sea creatures which break the surface periodically to fill their lungs with air.

No one is eating that stinky whale which washed up on the Western District's shore, but your caring and compassionate sorts are dining out on the outrage they have whipped up against a local teenager who was snapped standing atop the corpse.  The latest instruction is to approach the dead whale no closer than 150 metres on either side and, if you can believe it, "to show respect" to its stinking carcass. Insufficient reverence, by the way, may draw a $32,000 fine, which would make the two chaps below liable for stupendous penalties, By the way, don't miss the whales' national anthem at the 2:50 point of the clip. Oh, and it comes with a salty language alert as well.

Or how about this kind of respect? Would that do?

UPDATE: Another bloated specimen accorded more respect than deserved.


  1. Whale blubber, explosives, a sheriff with his civic duty to perform - what could possibly go wrong with that?

    Less classy than a Viking funeral, but much more memorable. Especially with all the trashed autos in the carpark.

  2. Looks a bit stupid, to me. I think as punishment, they should be forced to publish pictures of themselves looking a bit stupid for all to see.


  3. A $32,000 fine for disrespecting a dead whale FFS! Stupidity has become institutionalised.

    Yet nary a whimper from the pantheist collective as our feathered friends are sliced by the rotating blades of those Gaia monuments which litter our landscape.

    Insanity is the new normal.

  4. Hop into the battered flake Prof!
    The buggers are chowing down on WA surfers at the rate of one a day, so it is our duty to fight back at the fish 'n chip shop.

    The Irish Lion

  5. The Old and Unimproved DaveJuly 20, 2012 at 3:32 PM

    What, no pineapple doughtnut to follow ?

  6. I've nailed 24 steamed dimmers in one smoko sitting. It remains a record around these parts. As for young lads atop whales: Blah.

    Welcome back PB


  7. Crikey people are stupid,how the hell can you get upset over some rotten meat.
    Teenage boys do stupid things,that's part of being a teenage boy.

    1. Is that meant to be "Crikey! People are stupid..." or "Crikey readers are stupid..."?

      Either or works for me.

  8. The funniest clip I have seen in a while, with the added bonus that it is guarantee to upset geenies.

  9. It's quite OK as they were all wearing Plankton Liberation Organisation T-shirts and only thinking of the little guy.

    PLO War Cry-

    Whadda we want? Japanese whalers?
    When do we wannem? Now!
    Sushiem! Sushiem! Pow! Pow! Pow!


  10. While Foreigh Minister Smith ignored specific Australian law and our treaty obligations, and went ahead and certified immunity for torturers against actions for redress [],our Great White Gap Plugger Carr gives vent [12/7/12] to pompous faux-noble drivel, "it is appropriate that ... Australia should say of the largest mammal on the planet, as a gesture of respect to the other species with which we share this planrtary home, [blah blah blah] ..." pathetic!

  11. Someone should go and do a shit on it!!

    Consuela Potez