Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Barrie, Lenore and David, Meet Ralph Blewitt

PARLIAMENT resumes next week and Question Time should be even more fun than usual. According to The Australian, Ralph Blewitt has settled on an arrangement with Victoria Police and is now about to sing.

Just for the record, let us hope an honourable member tables the transcript of Sunday's Insiders, which saw the usual courtiers and eunuchs in ferocious agreement about there being nothing whatsoever worth investigating in regard to our Prime Minister's honesty and character.

In years to come, when scholars ponder why the "quality press" collapsed and its credibility with it, Cassidy & Co.'s smuggeries will make a key footnote.


  1. The Old and Unimproved DaveNovember 20, 2012 at 8:16 AM

    Tune in next week when Insiders discuss a topic very close to home : "How many angles can dance in the brain of a pin-head."

  2. Ralph Blewitt! Go, you good thing! And don't 'blowit'!

  3. Looks like the "Smelly Stuff"is about to hit the fanfor our Maximum Leader! hope fully it will spray all over the "orstaylyan larcenous pardee" Serves the Buggers right!

  4. This might trigger something of a chain-reaction.
    Blewett may not deliver anything particularly explosive about the Altona Droner, but it may turn the wick up under Mr Wilson.
    So far Wilson has kept quiet and we can speculate as to why that is.
    However, if Blewett puts Wilson in the frame for criminal behaviour, he may decide the days of protecting his erstwhile paramour are over.
    I wonder if Wilson might reflect on the form of Madam Crayfish over the years and ask himself who was manipulating whom back in 1995
    The Irish Lion

  5. To borrow Anonymous' apt title, the Altona Droner seems to have developed a passion for overseas travel of late, despite her disinterest in foreign affairs.

    The domestic affair may be coming to some climax and no doubt all her energy, and that of the ABC/Fairfax, will be directed next week to not answering questions and hoping the Christmas break will make it all better.

    If ever there was a Christmas and New Year when the Coalition should maintain a noisy barrage of questioning and policy announcements, this is it. There must be no break for them.

  6. Good news certainly. However I'm not optimistic about a quick outcome.

    Mr Plod in Victoria, or anywhere else for that matter, is not known for speedy investigations. How long have they been investigating Thomo for now? A year? How that investigation could take any more than one week is beyond me.

    Nevertheless, Blewett's appearance will add to the pressure on the lying slapper and may induce a few more journalists to ask a question or two. The only time I enjoy looking at her is when she has to deal with this matter - the expression on her face has been priceless.

  7. The Old and Unimproved DaveNovember 20, 2012 at 10:41 AM

    As a few, a very few, Little Red Hens do all the journalistic work on the AWU scandal, and their calls of "Who will help me...?" are repeatedly met with "Not I!", blog readers may be tempted to assign the roles of the shiftless barnyard animals of the fairy tale to the various prominent journalistic identities who are trying to sit on the story of this scandal.

    Though I think that there would be little doubt among all who the Pig and the Cow are.....

  8. Prof, while you are entirely correct about the courtiers and eunuchs of the media surrounding Julia the inept, I'll bet Blewitt's testimony is a fizzer. However, that said, the Libs have a few more googlies up their sleeve to come I suspect and are biding their time.

    1. The allegation that JEG was not present when he signed the Power of Attorney that he donated to Bruce Morton Wilson will not be a fizzer. Proving that the PoA was either backdated or that JEG falsely attested that she witnessed the document should be easy to confirm just on circumstantial evidence.

  9. Jonathan Green's excuse for the ABC ignoring the scandal? "Yawn". bit.ly/1020o0O

    These people aren't even journalists, they're public servants - with all the accompanying laziness, partisanship and complacency that the term evokes.

  10. Ol' Leathery takes a leaf straight from the Sergeant Schultz School of Journalism.

  11. Barrie likes to call it the Ministry of Truth, for those who can't see beyond superficial details. The fact that it's always lies, brownnosing and evasion is just a coincidence. Or is it.

    Has anyone else noticed the blaring soundtracks that Insiders employ. Anyone would think their target auidence were complete airheads who only respond to sound bites like pavlov's dog on cue. It's fanbase probably never out-grew their adolesence and still respond to stylized conditioning from organized spin masters.

    Cue the two minutes of hate on Tony Abbott. The root of all that is bad.(1984 reference)