Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That's His Girl!

OUR Prime Minister's father would have been so very proud.

UPDATE: It is a rare thing for the obligation to play golf to be resented, but that is the case today. The friends waiting at the first tee won't be half as much as fun as watching Gillard's unpaid apologists ignore the story, spin the story, bury the story.

Barrie Cassidy, who should be working at the BBC, will have his spade out shortly.

Laurie Oakes will be sitting on the story, with no hope of a peep escaping the rolling smother of those saddle-bagged buttocks.

Michelle Grattan will set aside the ear trumpet and profess not to have heard a thing.

Phil Coorey is even now penning a column asserting that revelations of graft are good for the PM's poll standing and that it is Tony Abbott who has the real headache.

Peter McEvoy is calling Malcolm Turnbull, telling him he is too much of a gentleman to ever raise such a sordid subject and would he like to play the Opposition Leader Australia Really Wants on next week's Q&A?

And Anne Summers? Well, after telling Young Chip to fetch her a double dose of Ford Pills, she will set to work on her next speech to Emily's Listers, hailing the Lady in the Lodge for aborting Bruce Wilson's child and further suggest all women who undergo terminations should get $5000 payments. After all, that's what the breeders get, so it would be only fair.

For younger readers:

UPDATE II: If you doubt the prophesies above, refrain from betting against them. Nothing can be too low, filthy, shameless and corrupt to stay the luvvie elite from springing to its immediate defence. Absolutely nothing.

UPDATE III: At Catallaxy, another prophecy, this one from commenter The Beer Whisperer, "When do we get Underbelly: Red-headed Trollop?"

UPDATE IV: Oakes lives up to expectations. He is on Neil Mitchell's 3AW radio show this very minute. A sample: "The Australian has devoted a page and a half to this with no allegation of wrongdoing ... Her boyfriend had a big night at the casino, well that's credible."

The Bowl of Drpping concludes with an observation that the Lynch a Catholic Royal Commission holds no obvious peril for Tony Abbott (Oakes will need another 30 minutes or so to manufacture one) and then a gush of adoring mush in praise of Gough Whitlam.

UPDATE V: Already late for the golf date, but one thing about the timing the $5000 payment seems smelly and odd. If that cash was deposited in "mid 1995", as The Australian today asserts, what of this coda to the transcript of the S&G exit interview with Peter Gordon (emphasis added at the Billabong):
PG: Julia, you told us you commenced a personal relationship with Bruce Wilson in late 1991. Can you tell us the current status of that personal relationship?

JG: Bruce is currently in Western Australia and we aren't in contact and I don't expect to be in contact with him again unless I needed to for some particular purpose related to the issues that we've discussed, and that means in, well, that obviously means that any relationship between us is at an end.
Along with a lot of other things about the relationship, Gillard needs to explain the chronology of the romance's rupture  If she had broken up with Wilson, why was he slipping cash into her bank account? If she had not broken up with Wilson and remained in contact, why did she lie to Gordon?

Silly question. Gillard lies about everything.


  1. And when it was discovered did she return it?

    If not, why not?

    1. She was young and naive - and if you believe that I have a nice bridge to sell you.

    2. Why would Defence Matters be doing the work of the Taxation Office. If someone has $5000.00 deposited to a bank account, the ATO has to be notified should this be some form of income.
      Only then can the portion determined to be taxation revenue be used to wrap your tank in plastic and sprinkled with mothballs or some other function of the defence budget.

  2. PhillipGeorge(c)2012November 14, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    There's scene in an old Bill Murray movie called stripes where he and Harold Ramis are in the army recruiting office to sign up. The recruitment officer asks if they have ever been convicted of a criminal offense. They both grin broadly and answer proudly "never convicted".

    Richard Nixon was never convicted either. The difference is that there were some journalists who cared about some old fashioned principles then. And perhaps a generation of people who were 'shockable'.

    Professor - Billy Nudgel got me thinking. There isn't a living politician to whom a statue will ever be erected in all seriousness. Inglorious bastards pass without fanfare. Weary Dunlop really was of another generation of a different country to this one.

    1. Good analogy there.
      I'm astonished more each day, confronted with the shrillness of her, the sleaze of another, the smug confidence of another, the worst and most vicious attacks on a decent family man, and yet, the Canberra Press gallery blithely ignore it all, or gloss over all these things, and 'report' on her shaking hands with someone somewhere....and then the polls go up for her!
      Not enough people are following blogs such as this and therefore not seeing the truth.

  3. Hopefully this story is just dirty coal.

    Because when Laurie Oakes sits on it, we'll get diamonds.

    1. These aren't just any old thieving bastards, they are labor thieving bastards - we need to close ranks and get back to the business of the day: talking points, and how Tony Abbott's famed misogyny cast dark shadows over the young and naive Bruce Wilson.

      The abortion was news though. More Girl Power! Five grand to women who suffer that level of misogyny seems a fundamental human right really - well said Prof. Compensation lawyers should look at it as part of the Royal Commission.

  4. Underbelly: Red-Headed Trollop? A useful working title but I prefer, The Slut With The Butt for the finished product.

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.November 14, 2012 at 11:14 AM

    If she plays the gender card any further, then it should be played back - by other women.

    She is has a history of serial adultery with married men and has protected (at best) a criminal with whom she had a long and questionable relationship. She was an inept solicitor, or else a corrupt one, and refuses to address some serious concerns about this. She now lives unmarried in The Lodge with a hairdresser currently taking a very back seat. She is an atheist starting a vendetta on the Roman Catholic Church, a political attack under a thin moral guise.

    Let this be widely known and talked about.

    It is, of course, merely a background to her more dominant failings as a leader and a policy maker, where dissembling and lying seems to have been her modus operandi.

    Plus she is sending the country into an unnecessary downward economic spin, which is bad for women and children most particularly.

    Women deserve so much better than having this person claim to speak for us. Her 1970's man-hating philosophies haven't changed: such pathetic dinosaur gender stuff. Flick it, girls.

  6. I don't remember Oakes and the rest of the contemptibles complaining about The Australian for looking into the Wheat Board's activities a few years back. But The Australian is a real newspaper with real journalists. Wasn't Oakes once a respected journalist? Back in the days when reporters only needed to raise questions not allegations.
    As for the ABC, well, we know they would be all over this story but they can't spare any time and give up a chance to kick their favourite punching bag, the Catholic Church. If there is anything these feminists, homosexuals and ALP supporters like better to kick than The Liberals and News Corp it's the Catholics. For obvious reasons: and only one is child abuse.

    Pedro of Adelaide

  7. I assume someone has asked these questions before but why not labour the point?

    Gillard is quoted as having said:

    "Once I became aware that I had been deceived about a series of matters, I ended my relationship with Mr Wilson."

    Precisely what matters of deception did she become aware of?
    Precisely when?
    Precisely what steps did she take, upon acquiring her 'awareness', to alert the AWU and/or the police regarding these matters?

  8. I'm sure if I found $5k in my bank account I'd notice and ask questions about it.

  9. "hailing the Lady in the Lodge for aborting Bruce Wilson's child "

    Is that actually a known fact, Prof?

  10. The wonderful thing about the Baby Bonus is that it certainly can be paid in relation to an aborted baby.

    From the website of the Department of Human Services: "Baby Bonus may be paid to your family following the birth (including stillbirth) or adoption of a child if ..."

    So if an abortion is performed (particularly a late-term abortion - not at all uncommon these days) - and if the performing health professional signs off that the procedure related to a "stillbirth" ...

    BINGO! a baby bonus is paid to the "grieving mother".

    You think this does NOT happen in this day and age?

    Gobsmacked of Gippsland

  11. And I think this raises the question of what role Tony Abbott was playing........

  12. Anne Summers was already a veteran by the time of that ad.

    Speaking of which...Gillard and her entourage will need laxatives to pass out the boulder log called Oakes.

  13. The giLIARd fits an old Scots saying " shes a bigger liar than Tam Pepper,he got thrown out of Hell for Lying" ! And the giLIARd still "loids de pardee"! Says a lot about the alp!

  14. Prof,

    The chronology of Jules getting the pink slip from Slugs and Bugs (and claiming Bruce was no longer # 1 squeeze) and the fortuitous plonking of five large into her bank account from Bruce is not completely out of whack.
    I think the "don't let the door hit your arse on the way out" interview with Slugs and Bugs took place on September 11, 1995.
    As I understand it Wayne Hem claims that he deposited the 5 large into the Altona Droner’s account in “mid 1995”.
    So the dates are not completely at odds, but it went from dropping dollops of cash in her kitty to Kramer vs Kramer pretty quickly.

    The Irish Lion

  15. The Old and Unimproved DaveNovember 15, 2012 at 6:29 AM

    "Commissioner Gillard is playing the Fat Signal on the clouds, Decoy the Fat Poles!"

    "Holy crap, Fatman, the Fatmobile's suspension just can't take you cannonballing directly into the driver's seat anymore....."

  16. If Gillard goes to jail, then which character from "Prisoner" would she most resemble?

  17. Wouldn't that be a clanger to drop in a press conference? "PM, your ex-paramour has claimed that the 5k was given in return for removing a potential child support claim that he could ill-afford at that time. How do you respond to his statement that you aborted your unborn baby at his request?"