Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why Doesn't Bolt Have a Walkley?

HEAR Jon Faine explain why Julia Gillard is pure as the driven snow.

Now go to Andrew Bolt and learn why it is a good thing the 774 toady does not work as a lawyer. Here is a sample (Faine in italics):
…it’s to do with the slush fund that she was helping to establish for people who were acting as a group within the AWU at the time.
Fudge. Well, less than a group, Jon. It essentially operated just for Bruce Wilson and, to some extent, for his bagman, Ralph Blewett. And it was set up for their benefit as individuals, not AWU officials.

Well, at that stage, I do remember laughing out loud on air and saying since when should a client not act for someone because they might be breaking the law?

Red herring. No one to my knowledge has ever suggested Gillard should not have taken as a client someone who “might be breaking the law”.
There is plenty more where that came from. And do notice Andrew's update:

"Michael Smith rang Faine for a right of reply, but was not given one."


  1. When the faceless men deposed Rudd, Gillard was young and naive also.

    It would be funny watching the sisterhood and gay puppeteers explain her endless lies and policy disasters as her being young and naive as well.

    Can you imagine her in a nursing home, wetting herself..."Sorry nurse I was young and naive and just a bit over 30, still am."

    1. You touch on the precise reason why the AWU scandal is relevant: the very same people who knew the details are those who put her where she is today. We would say that they had the goods on her. Popular culture would say they p*wned her.

      Perhaps this might be why many of them have good jobs in Cabinet, and why her IR 'reforms' have wound back not only the 1996 Act but large parts of those from the Keating era.

  2. The Old and Unimproved DaveNovember 22, 2012 at 1:35 PM

    If Auto-da-fé is the collective noun, is the singular Auto-da-Faine ?

    'Sinn Faine'...."Ourselves Alone" more a description of the size of the audience Jon pulls in. 'Ourselves' being the Royal We.....just Jon and his tapeworm.

    1. 'Faining interest'? 'Faining outrage'?

    2. Faining intelligence.

  3. Comedy gold!

    The luvvies at the ABC have been dragged kicking and screaming to finally cover this story and they still can't bring themselves to admit the bleeding obvious. They are beclowning themselves in a grand fashion. Faine has already been fitted out for his shoes and wig.

    Now that ministers are being questioned about this on the ABC, it won't be long now before they will want to put all this, and the person responsible for it, behind them.

    Oh, and parliament restarts on Monday...

  4. Andrew Bolt's response was devastating. On its strength, the ABC should boot out Faine.

    Faine goes from one infamy to another; his censoring of the Climategate scandal lasted until the situation was beyond ludicrous and now, again, he finds himself scrambling to regain ground but makes himself into a servile creep.

    James Delingpole recently gave him another rogering. Jonny is a very slow learner.

    1. James I trust your last sentence is metaphorical only - to suggest otherwise would be a gross insult to J Delingpole Esq.

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.November 22, 2012 at 2:19 PM

    Oh for goodness sake, Gillard slept in his bed and shared his dreams.

    Then she helped out. See the paper trail on how.

    Then she got paid, in a $5000 cash 'gift' and renovations which she 'paid for' - what with? and who did them? and why? Town Mode was never a dress shop - it was a laundry.

    Dear me though - it's all so sexist, isn't it?

    No Virginia. There is no sexist clause in this 'piece of work', this is a piece of legal chicanery.

  6. Just when you think that there could not possibly be another clown in the ALP's AWU Volkswagen, out pops Faine.

  7. David, how did I know someone would just have to query that.. No, James D. is happily married but I'm sure his words had the same effect. I'm trying to remember his recent description of the miserable little twerp, but that will do. Hold on, was it "scuzball"..

  8. Dear mister Bunyip, thank you, your grasp of the situation regarding the on going cafoofle with the unions the ALP and the luvvie media is excellent.
    The saying if you lay with dogs you will get fleas, applies to the lot of them, the problem they now face is that they are all catching the mange.
    The next couple of weeks will see them all scratching like hell. The fumigation necessary to cure the problem would appear to be in the pipe line.
    This Faine person should take advice and start looking for a new career path that does not involve critical thought, logic, science or mathematics.

    Thorough bred horse racing may be appropriate, he could muck out stables, given enough training and time he may even become competent at it, but I doubt much. Wayne of Middle Earth

  9. Old Ranga from VictoriaNovember 22, 2012 at 8:48 PM

    How are the Walkley contenders nominated?

    If they put themselves forward, Bolt would laugh himself silly at that prospect.

    For the 2013 Walkleys to have real credibility they need Bolt. But Bolt doesn't need them.

    Which says it all about journalism in this country.

  10. "Why Doesn't Bolt Have a Walkley?" that's the real reason BoltA's site has thrown a link to the Professor's today. Tee hee.

    True, though. Mr Bolt is the Walkley Winner of (the people's) Hearts.