Sunday, November 25, 2012

Start a Race Riot, Win Life's Lottery

Tim Blair brings news of Kim Sattler, the Humpytown Crier and noted supporter of terrorists, who last came to prominence when her conversations with a prime ministerial staffer launched an Indigenous intifada against Tony Abbott. Readers will recall the big news arising from that event was that Julia Gillard lost her shoe; less commented was the fact that she surrounds herself with people who see a race a riot on Australia Day as a neat trick for impaling a political opponent. Sattler kept a low profile after that disgrace, but is now back in action and denouncing Abbott as a lifelong Zionist, which probably means the Opposition leader has more wild scenes ahead. As recent events in Sydney have demonstrated, Sons of the Prophet tend to a much greater volatility than welfare recipients living in shipping containers on the lawn of Parliament House.

But what of Sattler's phone buddy, Gillard staffer Tony Hodges? He last made headlines with news that his part in the Australia Day outrage had earned him the sack -- a career setback from which he progressed directly to London and a reported job at the European Bank for Reconstruction with former Labor hack Senator Bob McMullan. If you need to be swept under a rug it is nice to find a mentor beneath the pile with a pay cheque ready and waiting

Well things are going swimmingly for Hodges, it is good to report. There is lots of European touring, a comfy lifestyle and many happy snapshots of his travels to share with friends back home.

And Hodges' happy lot includes plenty of time for twittering as well, including to any number of reporters. Surprisingly, given that many questions about the Australian Day riot remain unanswered, their interest in the co-instigator of that February unpleasantness appears limited to cooking tips...

 ... and chummy, idle chit chat

One day, being journalists and driven by a compulsion to reveal the truth, the Fourth Estate may get back to asking about that riot, what Hodges' current job may be costing the Australian taxpayer, who arranged it, and if he has any plans to whip some trouble with the Welsh by passing along the whisper that David Cameron has been heard engaging in hate speech against leeks.

But the minestrone has to cook first.

UPDATE: Commenter BH notes one of those delightful coincidencs. Today in the Sunday Telegraph, Maiden describes the Australia Day riot thus:

After some false starts and celebrated debacles - witness the Australia Day fiasco which included the Prime Minister losing a shoe - her office is gearing up for an election year.

Yes, it is that lost shoe which is the most important thing to remember about the melee. Not the lost adviser-cum-kitchen companion


  1. Talking of Samantha Maiden and those Australia Day race riots - here's how Maiden characterises them in today's Sunday Herald Sun:

    "After some false starts and debacles - witness the Australia Day fiasco when the Prime Minister lost a shoe ..."

    Surely that little fiasco was about a bit more than the loss of a shoe!

    1. The Old and Unimproved DaveNovember 25, 2012 at 3:29 PM

      But what if there was microfilm of certain documents in the heel of that lost shoe ?

      If that fell into the wrong hands.....

    2. Horseshoes often go astray.


  2. I just looked through his tumblr website. He gets around doesn't he? I'd be smirking too if I provoked a riot and got a cushy job out of it. All on the public purse, No questions at all from these so called journalists? Samantha Maiden probably gets a gig on the ABC Insiders show as a reward. Oh, wait....

  3. This story is a reverse of the old English tradition of sending ne'er-do-wells of respectable families (like Sir Frederick "Blind Freddy" Pottinger") out to New South Wales to get rid of them.

    1. Perhaps Europe is now seen as the world's penal colony? Damned if I'd want to live there.

  4. Slightly of topic......
    While overseas Julia was asked the name of the first bloke. "Good heavens", she replied, "there have been so many it is hard to remember who was first, also I was young and naive."

  5. David B., methinks Mr Hodges is more than just a reverse direction remittance man. He appears to be direct from the lower deck and fed with state money.

    The Prof., like a number of others over the months, rightly wonders about this scandal. I would hope a Coalition government will launch an enquiry and subsequent court action against this snot and if it catches Bruce Morton Wilson's 5 year squeeze as well, then so be it.

  6. You know there is something deeply wrong with a side in politics when they think NOT being anti-semitic is a bad thing.

    1. "Semites" have been pretty effective at inserting themselves into the Australian definition of underdog haven't they.

  7. So, topping off a mountain of character flaws is pretentiousness. Lovely.

  8. PhillipGeorge(c)2012November 25, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    Remember this is a government proudly supported by Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor, Adam Brandt, Peter Slipper. How do Martin Ferguson, Peter Garrett, Simon Crean really feel about ending their public careers in support of Julia?

    Nothing from Craig Thomson on Julia's home renovations. Wonder why he isn't commenting - or is he, with a grin from ear to ear? But we can't comment on Fair Work Australia because KPMG are conducting an important Audit and no-one should comment on their independence.

    Prof, the malaise in Australia runs deeper. How did a home wrecking ........... come within coooeee of the job?

    Did Justice Kirby's career really include anything more impressive than being positively heroic for his sexuality?

    And black just has mystical, harmony with nature, primeval, even supernatural 'avatar' type qualities.

    Orwell's pigs prof. They just crept up on you. Or did they. Prof - you're a great mind with fabulous recall and an eye for detail. But big trees make a big thud and a $100 GMC Bunnings chainsaw can bring down the biggest of them all.

    Are you victim of your own neoliberalism? Did all this pseudo "freedom" stick in your own throat; with its rubber hits the road hyper-regulation of everything.

    One hundred years ago people built a house - from humpy lean to, to castle they'd clear 50 yards in every direction of the house and have a fire dug out/ shelter.


    One hundred years ago this was common sense. Now what would it take for a government department to recommend a design? Maybe 100 million dollars, CSIRO Phd studies, expert panels, committees, lawyer authorized disclaimers on everything - followed by approvals/ permits/ inspections? Only by such novel and complex systems can one "save" lives.

    Paleo- conservatives. Everything else is cognitive dissonance. The way forward is either a 180 u-turn or its more of the same. And more of the same comes with a cost.

    1. Bandt. Not Brandt, though I know who you were thinking of when your finger slipped.

  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.November 26, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    Race riot instigator (or fall guy for it) sits very pretty, anti-semites flavour of the month, hospital toilet-cleaners' hard-earned spent by 'trustees' on services in brothels, home-wrecking PM held up as scion of female defense against 'sexism' while honest family man is unfairly slandered and accused of it, an Officer of the Court made PM despite very serious legal and moral failings concerning financial fraud in her past, a proven liar shacked up with a hairdressing 'first bloke' in Australia's White House, and the country's debt shot into the financial stratosphere on Green whims and Luvvie economics. Meanwhile, Gingerella is lauded by the press for surviving losing her shoe, with no stop to the MSM clapping.

    Get on those boats everyone, and come down to Australia. Slip in now, because no-one's got their hand on the reins here about anything right now. But you'd better get here before that golden coach turns into a pumpkin. The midnight hour cometh.

  10. God, those Labor Party scum make my skin crawl.

  11. If justice applied equally in this country he would be "standing awkwardly" before a Judge for his part in causing a serious civil disturbance.