Friday, November 30, 2012

Otherwise Occupied

APOLOGIES for the past few day's absence, due in part to the pleasure of bobbing quite a bit at anchor and, a greater reason, to being dumbstruck by our PM's brazen indifference to truth or evidence. She's a piece of work, Ms Gillard.


  1. Righto Prof, here's the low down..

    Bruce the loaded dog jumped into the swamp with 25 kg of jelly..that put the cat amongst the pidgin speakers for a bit.. but luckily he had no detonators..

    The Yabby has been shrieking and waving her claws around which caused everyone on both sides to take a few steps far she has eluded the pot..

    There has been lots of cries of "murder bloody murder" but no smoking gun they say..

    the peelers are getting busy like they always do..

    and it's only Friday!

  2. Brazen is the key word. I think the caucus is under instructions. Admit nothing and deny everything no matter how illogical and silly. Attack every critic personally. Sound confident. Bluff. Then rely on the conga line of Labor media to ignore the facts, to report the spin and cast Abbott as the only one at fault. The conga line don't seem to realise they are going down with Gillard.

  3. The Old and Unimproved DaveNovember 30, 2012 at 2:59 PM

    Professor, if the Golf Club and its lovelies are within line-of-sight of your anchorage, you really should invest in a signal lamp and learn the Morse for "Permission to lay alongside".

  4. Not like you to be lost for words, Prof. Look forward to hearing your take on things when you've recovered.

  5. Yes Prof, 'indifference to truth' sums it up. To call Gillard a liar is too generous to her. A liar knows the truth and states the opposite, but Gillard does not know and states whatever suits her purpose (This not original - it is a line from the film Lawrence of Arabia).

    Illustrative is the Yabbie's Thursday claim that Bishop had mislead the House by referring to her (Gillard's) "exit interview" when contrasted to her Monday statement "in my exit interview". (Some might claim that was so deranged by Thursday that she temporarily became incoherent, but I think there's a pattern here.)

  6. I don't know if I can forgive you Prof.

    For the last few days whenever we opened your blog we have had to look at a revolting bearded woman.