Thursday, November 22, 2012

Easier Listening

FURTHER to the post below about the aural torment that is Jon Faine (now mercifully off the air, thanks to the cricket), it is worth remembering that the ABC is supposed to be a market-failure broadcaster. Therefore, a solemn pledge: If PM Abbott fixes the ABC, as he is duty bound to do, and perhaps appoints a Bunyip to the board, Faine will be replaced by a show guaranteed to satisfy the scandalously unfulfilled need for cracker versions of TV theme music.

This would be a good start:

followed by this gem

It's a pity Faine has no advertisers. We could all boycott them.


  1. The New York Dolls? Professor, I tips my lid!

  2. Cool. Throw in the punked up version of the Banana Splits theme aswell.

  3. I may not always agree with your political stance but your choice of Radio Birdman's Aloha Steve and Danno is spot on.

  4. Not a market failure broadcaster, just a failure.

    Ian of Brisbane

  5. Trivia.

    New York Dolls fans might like to know that Johnny Thunder's guitar now resides in the Gallery of Notable Guitars, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio:

  6. Yes, it's a difficult decision whether the outstanding lyrics of Courageous Cat outdo Faine's dialogue, but they might do so by a whisker.

    So Jonny has been passed the Mark Riley Baton of "How can we help you, Prime Minister?".
    It will be interesting to see just how many crucial questions he'll omit, but I'm betting all of them.
    Jon's that sort of guy.

  7. Or maybe:

    Sponge playing "Go Speed Racer"

    The Ramones playing "Spiderman"

    Finally, for no other reason than he plays a cool looking guitar, Junior Brown playing "Highway Patrol"

  8. Radio Birdman :)

    If I was the shameless name dropping type I would post pictures of my signed tour poster where Klondike has declared for all to read, 'Mudcrab Rocks!!'

    Good thing I am modest really :P

  9. I dunno, Bunyip.
    When the ALP disappear after the next election (cue hysterical sob) what the hell will you do after a day's fishing and golf?
    Face it , your fingers dance over the keys these days.
    I see future days of modest joy at a reasonable golf score ruined by the depression of arriving home knowing that you will....once again....stare blankly at the keyboard with the dreaded "writer's block".
    Sense and Sensibility will return to the nation...but at what cost?
    And what the hell are we lesser mortals to do to fill in the night hours when we login to see yet another "Gone Fishing" shingle on your webpage.
    Go forth and multiply , I suppose.
    Costello WILL be pleased.