Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Pain of Faine

IF YOU are not listening to Jon Faine this morning, well, you  are missing a treat. He has been going at it for a bit over an hour, in which time this government's ABC-funded publicist has

1/ Read a transcript of a woman alleged to be Ralph Blewitt's sister, Penny, telling a Perth radio station that her brother is a crook and cannot be trusted.

2/ Interviewed PR lady and former Age industrial reporter Joanne Painter, who was mentioned in Ian Cambridge's diary of his investigation of the AWU-Wilson-Gillard love triangle as having been quoted by a third party as saying that she had agreed to spike a story on renovations to Gillard's home allegedly paid for with Brown Bag Bruce's ill-gotten gains. Here is the relevant paragraph from The Australian's story:
The Cambridge diary states that in September 1995 Mr Gries revealed to Mr Cambridge that a journalist at The Age newspaper was going to publish a “fairly correct” story about union-funded renovations at Ms Gillard’s house… The diary states that Mr Gries knew the proposed article was the work of Age journalist Joanne Painter.... According to the diary, Mr Gries said he had “specifically requested” Painter drop the article and she had agreed to do so. Painter declined to comment yesterday.
Today, chatting with the oh-so-sympathetic Faine, Ms Painter described the Australian's story as "a confection", said the young and naive Gillard never crossed her radar during her "crusading" days at the Age and further denied ever having worked on such a story.

Faine did not ask Ms Painter, and she did not volunteer, why she declined the Australian's request for comment. Could it be that the newspaper's Hedley Thomas is the better-versed interlocutor and Faine a more sympathetic ear?

3/ Faine then shared his microphone with former Labor spinner and Insiders compere Barrie Cassidy, who outdid his host in asserting that there is no "there" there in all this curiosity about Gillard's past, honesty and character.

Scrotum Face then announced that listeners should check the taxpayer-funded Drum later in the day, where he promised a further demolition of the baseless conspiracy against a good and virtuous woman. Ben Eltham's earlier effort needs a little bolstering, evidently.

John Howard made a half-hearted effort to clean out the ABC's stable. Prime Minister Abbott, if he is worthy of that office, will need to do a proper job.


  1. The ABC has always interviewed people disproportionately on the Left. The ABC has always taken up and presented issues disproportionately of concern to the Left. But never, until the last couple of years, have ABC employees been able to freely air their personal opinions on any issue, completely at will. The ABC management seems no longer to exist. The ABC has always been mostly run by the staff. Now they are clearly a law entirely unto themselves. The current ABC is a travesty of its charter. A new charter needs to be established and a Board set up that will appoint a management that will enforce the charter.

    Pedro of Adelaide

    1. I just made the exact same point to Virginia Trioli in response to her balls out communism on Twitter. I believe her username on Twitter is ViTriol.

  2. You could have knocked me over with a feather yesterday when the ABC 7.30 Report weakly covered Ralph Blewitt's arrival in Melbourne. The lazy sods were shamed into action. They must have wrung their hands and agonized how to not cover this story. No attempt at apologizing to the shocked viewers or to put up a disclaimer at the start saying,"Sorry! Do not adjust your set. Normal transmission will resume shortly."

  3. Barry Cassidy apparently is married to Heather Ewitt. This could go some way to explaining the surfeit of scrotum-like wrinkles.

  4. Replies
    1. That's only 'cause Joanne painted it as such. She'd actually like to have painted it "gone"

  5. Re Faine's interview with the PR lady, to paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davis - Well she would say that wouldn't she.

    The list of people who will be shamed by this affair is growing daily.

    1. Sorry Prof, bit OT, but when Jupes mentioned MRD I just got this flash of the raunchiest photograph I have ever seen....Christine Keeler sitting on a chair.

  6. Jon Faine did an absolute diservice to Australia this morning. No integrity. The average man on the street can see the contents of the conveyancing file, join the dots with dates and know that Gillard has serious questions to answer with her integrity and previous dealings when a partner at Slater & Gordon. This stinks to high heavens. But Faine and Cassidy had their perfume nose piece on, clearly. Nothing here, move on, nothing here, despite their being a dirty great turd in the punch bowl.

    He must be on a promise after he bollocked Gillard about a year back when he referred to Bob Brown as the real Prime Minister. I am sure he has had to fight to keep in her good books.

  7. Faine today went out of his way to clearly demonstrate he is exactly the sort of "shock-jock" he apparently holds with such disdain.

    Did Faine research his topic prior to broadcast? Obviously not. I believe his goal was to wilfully mislead his audience because of what he didn’t say rather than what he did. Those listeners who haven't appraised themselves with the facts surrounding the Gillard/AWU saga will be still fumbling round in the dark. That was dishonest of Faine.

    Faine then went on to talk over the top of a couple of callers who were trying to point out the errors of his assertion that our Prime Minister has nothing to explain. Faine was rude, offensive and quite frankly, repulsive.

    Also, with regard to "Penny" from Perth, the alleged sister of Ralph Blewitt, did Faine establish that this person was in fact, who she said she was? Nope. That was Faine’s big scoop to discredit Ralph Blewitt. Unsubstantiated scuttlebutt. Faine’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, apparently.

    I hope "nice Mr. Scott" head honcho at the ABC receives a bucket-load of complaints about Faine's broadcast today and also, his standover tactics directed at caller Alan from Geelong during Tuesday's edition of The Faine Editorial Show when Alan tried to explain to warmist propaganda merchant Faine that, in fact, the science is far from settled with regard to so-called catastrophic AGW. We are expected to swallow all sorts of tripe without questioning, according to Faine, apparently. You know, group-think and all that!

    Indeed, the entire ABC needs a good vacuuming and in my opinion, Faine’s contract should not be renewed. He is a nasty little shock-jock and the ABC should be above that sort of thing, particularly as it currently holds the role of our public broadcaster sucking up our tax dollars and allegedly required by its charter to be fair, balanced and without bias. Clearly, breaches of the charter are occurring frequently and I will bet my boots nothing is being done to rectify this sorry state of affairs within Aunty.


  8. "Read a transcript of a woman alleged to be Ralph Blewitt's sister, Penny, telling a Perth radio station that her brother is a crook and cannot be trusted."

    WHAT? "Ignore my brother because he's a con-man, except when he admits he's a con-man - in which case you should believe him. But in any case, when he accuses anyone else of being a con-man or con-woman, you should ignore him because he's a con-man."

  9. Scrotum-face. or 'Barry the Ballbag'. Never fails to amuse.

  10. What ever happened to ethics and competency being important? In the Labor party the badge of honour is worn for not having been convicted of criminality.

  11. "Scrotum-face". Ohh that's gross. And very clever.

    "John Howard made a half-hearted effort to clean out the ABC's stable. Prime Minister Abbott, if he is worthy of that office, will need to do a proper job."

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  12. Time to clean out the Augean stables, indeed. Sick of liars hiding behind the free speech mouth organ at the ABC.

    Cut it's budget in half, fund the stuff that does it's job (Landline Business and a lot of the entertainment and kid's stuff) and not the bullshit beltway, opinion put unbiased non political non partisan journos and presenters in, neither left or right, just professionals in charge of news and current affairs.

    Sack the board and CEO and replace them regularly, from across the population spectrum including tradies and business people who live in suburbs.

    Sack every corrupt lieing science presenter in the place. Put in a 50 50 rule, 50% real science and 50% arts professionals who made a living selling stuff making stuff, not by grant but by eyes to view, ears to listen and plain old bum's on seats.

    They are warned, Dan Rather told lies and he got his in the neck.

    Time to audit and constrain it top to bottom, it got us a tax on plant food let's repay the compliment with our tax dollar. We will save the planet from their freakin' greenhouse gasses.

    I for one am sick of their paid political advertising masquerading as opinion especially seeing it's me and mine who are paying.

    Thanks Prof, CJW.

    1. This is what irritates me the most, the ABC staff have decided what is science and what is unbiased commentary and we the employers can go jump. If I tried that at my work I would be laughed out of the place and yet here we are, completely powerless to get these buffoons to see sense.


  13. Dave A earlier:

    "In the Labor party the badge of honour is worn for not having been convicted of criminality."

    In the Labor party the badge of honour is worn for not having been caught being criminal.