Monday, November 19, 2012

Sooking For A Shark

WILL someone please pass the Silly Moaning Herald's Ben Cubby a box of tissues he can share with fellow sob sister and warmist tragedian Graham Redfearn:

Here's the photo that set the boys to blubbering...

... and their anguish grew only worse as others joined the weep-a-thon...

Amidst all the sniffling for 200kgs of flake, neither Readfearn nor Cubby wondered how a shark came to find itself sucked into an oil rig's bowels nor considered that their readers might find an explanation interesting.

No doubt they were too busy penning their finny friend's obituary and arranging for a wreath to be delivered.


  1. The Old and Unimproved DaveNovember 19, 2012 at 7:36 PM

    All we are give Pisces a chance.

  2. The cook probably decided on the flake for dinner.

  3. personal testimony Prof. Been on 4 oil rigs in the last two years. They are pristine clean. Fish everywhere. Look over the side and you are looking down at sea snakes, turtles, whales [during migration season], fish two metres long.
    The left over food from catering gets gets masticated and tossed over the side twice a day. Fish everywhere. Fish love artificial reefs of any description.
    Pollution? - any accidental spills of any liquid over about 10 litres gets reported to Canberra and there is a major incident investigation; a serious one! A ball breaking, reams of paper work serious incident investigation.
    In Australian waters, at least, oil exploration is squeaky clean/ and as environmentally friendly as imaginable.

    So another reason the Greens are 'f....d in the head': these projects really are run cleanly.
    And rising CO2 levels? - the only good news we are reading in science right now. Plant life is heading for a restoration of its optimal conditions - green will eventually mean green, something the "Greens" on death watch are trying to avert.

  4. 1. I give up - how the heck did the shark (White Pointer?) get there? And why?

    2. All those grief-stricken, chest-beating garment-renderers who are at serious risk of drowning in their collective tear-fuelled tsunami are the same bunch of murderous bastards who joyfully vote at every opportunity for legalised abortion - including late-term abortion.

    Wailing grief for a flipping fish - enthusiastic approval for an eight-month, unborn human being having his or her head ripped open with a scalpel (no anaesthetic) and brain vacuumed out so that the head collapses, allowing the baby's body to be easily removed (how good is that! no stretch marks!) and tossed into the garbage with all the other detritus, dross and garbage.

    Tears? You want tears? I know for what staggering crimes tears should really be shed: 100,000 abortions every year in Australia.

    To what levels of absolute, inhumane savagery has our society descended!

    Gobsmacked of Gippsland

    1. Every civilisation that ever existed went into decline, decay and demise. None of them realised they were in decay until the demise occurred. All but a few rotted from within. Why would our declining West be any different?

      Pedro of Adelaide

    2. And if the "health provider" who performed the abortion confirms that it was, in fact, a stillbirth - well, the "mother" gets the Baby Bonus!

      How good is that! Everyone's a winner!

    3. GTF over it, the world really needs 100,000's of more kids dont they, especially ones that arnt wanted, right. Who the F&^% are u to tell a woman she must carry a baby for nine months if she doesnt want to anyway.

    4. Maybe because it is human? Just a thought.

  5. I hear one good thing coming out of the twitter universe is that Lord McAlpine of UK twitter fame is going to sue, (hopefully) 10,000 leftoid idiots who jumped on the twitter bandwagon to gleefully defame him.
    If there is one thing for certain in this world, what goes around, comes around.

  6. It's a shark who has decided to tangle with an ROV (remote operated vehicle). Those photos have been floating around for a while - here's a sighting from 2008: Shark V Work class ROV (North Sea) - Pictures!
    and one from last year: Animals vs. Equipment (Deep Sea News)

  7. Hey! Dinner for the boys on the rig!