Saturday, May 25, 2013

Coming soon, the AFL's Wog Round

THIS weekend is the AFL's Indigenous Round, which will have to suffice until Andrew Demetriou can get the Gay Round off the ground. If precedent is observed, spectators will then be treated to all-male Rockettes in bottom-less chaps doing high kicks without benefit of a Sherrin, love of musicals being a revered tradition amongst same-sexers. If the goal umpires were to dress as Judy Garland and the umpires in nuns' habits, another proud tradition, that would be just perfection and a treat for all.

And after that, why not a Greek Round?

This would need to feature Demetriou in a multi-pleated, little white kilt and whatever bowyangs are called in Greek. The AFL boss has an Hellenic name, so surely that defines him -- and all anyone will ever need to know about him.

Demetriou would be up for it, of course. Why should he be any different from the black players the AFL is so keen to perform native dances and chant authentically made-up "indigenous" war cries?


  1. The photo is from Britain's Got Talent semi final. Look up Stavros Flatly. Their best effort was their initial performance but they made it through the semi's to the final. Well worth a look on YouTube. As to the ANZAC round, when will other teams get a chance and also give balance the rounds so all fixtures are covered properly? There were more than two teams in the league when Australia went to war. Indigenous round, why? Andrew is rumoured to want a full indigenous team against Ireland for the traditional challenge.
    Why do we promote all these occasions for identity division instead of combined diversity every game? When will we see the first Gay round? All players should be treated equally. Anything less is not Australian. It should not be about revenue by promoting individual causes on the field but the promotion of a sport that transcends all barriers seamlessly.

  2. They all belong to the MIUAYGA tribe, AKA, Make It Up As You Go Along. Really, does such rubbish have to be rammed down our throats? As well, there has been in the weekend Oz some proposed words for this recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Constitution! If you give them the slightest analysis, it will turn out to be the greatest lawyers picnic ever. Vote NO, unless there is an English/Polish proposal too!
    Or a Russian. Or Spanish. Or...

  3. Some AFL players need to grow some "balls". Crying because some kid calls you hairy is like kindergarten kids getting upset because some kid doesn't like what mum packed for their lunch!

  4. And then of course the Union Round, to celebrate Andrew D's own background and his nepotistic union mates who put him in charge.
    Because the AFL is, after all, a leftie union stronghold, which explains why it has become more unfathomable to real footy lovers with each passing year.

  5. And speaking of AFL, how about our newly crowned Princess Goodes?
    A racial slur form the Collingwood fence? Who would have thought. Quick, have that person removed from my esteemed presence!
    It is pleasing to note that both the AFL and the media now openly sanction the brutalisation and bullying of Collingwood supporters. Who cares if they're just teenage girls who will now spend the next thirty years trying to recover their dignity.

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.May 26, 2013 at 2:12 PM

    Prof, perhaps I could refer you readers to the THREE Catallaxy threads ( on the issue of the 'big ape' call by a thirteen year old girl, who was illegally (it seems) removed from her illegally (it seems) detained family and subjected to two hours of police intimidation after which her name and photograph were put in the public stocks of the media for further vilification.

    A shameful, shameful episode in Australian 'sport'.

    And all in the name 'indigenous' advancement.

  7. Check out the big guy's real name (and his leaping style) here:

    Made for each other!

  8. If a group of came at me yelling a war cry which proclaims that they are "''dhu dhu'', I am sure they would bring tears to my eyes as I collapse in front of them......but in laughter?

  9. A flag is, of course, an Old World construct. The Aboriginal one was invented in 1971. These guys don't get the irony.