Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You've done it again, McGeough!

ONE wonders why they bother, getting things conveniently wrong that is, when the curious nowadays find it so easy to check. On Sunday in the Silly, intrepid correspondent Paul McGeough set out to present a predictably partisan account of all this recent fuss concerning the sacking of the US consulate in Benghazi, the murder of the American ambassador and three others beside. McGeough, soulmate and recent groom of a Palestinian activist, is rather predictable in reporting on the region’s troubles, which he generally ascribes to the Zionist Entity and its Yankee sponsor. No doubt this makes for a peaceful and loving home life. But sometimes, in order to interpret the wider world as seen from the bearskin rug by the happy couple’s fireplace, facts do tend to get a little mangled.

In that Sunday column, McGeough charts a tangled path through this and the other of what has been quite the can of worms. For example, he seems to regard the central issue of the Benghazi scandal as being that one of the pillaged buildings was occupied by CIA nogoodniks, who were spooking and spying all over the place. Others wonder why talking points were altered and speculate as to Obama’s motives in attempting to present the well organised, 8-hour attack as a spontaneous demonstration prompted by a YouTube video. But McGeough will have none of that, harping about the presence of so many CIA operatives in Benghazi. Here is what he had to say:

Of the more than 30 American officials evacuated from Benghazi following the deadly assault, only seven worked for the State Department. Nearly all the rest worked for the CIA, under diplomatic cover, which was a principal purpose of the consulate, these officials said.

Whoops! Sorry about that. The paragraph above is actually what the Wall Street had to say in December, but very easily confused with McGeough’s words, which are strikingly similar:

Of more than 30 Americans evacuated from Benghazi after the attack, only seven reportedly were on the State Department payroll. The others all used diplomatic cover for their CIA work, which was the principal purpose of the diplomatic ''post''.

Newlyweds have many distractions, so entertain no harsh thoughts of cutting and pasting on the part of the man with umpteen Walkley Awards. It must have been a moment of preoccupation or coincidence, the purest of coincidences, and nothing more.

Somewhat harder to explain is this snippet, which appears to be all his own work (emphasis added):

...the State Department and Secretary of State Clinton, in particular, were being made to carry the can for the failure to adequately protect what was a CIA operation that, by the nature of its work in tracking Islamist militants and Stinger missiles commandeered from Gaddafi's munitions dumps, was a more likely target than a conventional consulate.
Was the Dance of the Bee being performed as McGeough attempted to write his dispatch, offering much distraction? Or is the Silly’s correspondent simply a dope, immediately assuming that the US had armed a mass murderer because, well, that is what the US does.

When did the US sell Stinger missiles to Gaddafi? Well, they didn’t, not ever, and why would they? Sell shoulder-fired weapons capable of bringing down a jumbo jet to a man with a proven record of, er, bringing down jumbo jets?

What Obama did do, apparently, was give them to the rebels to counteract Gaddafi’s ground-attack planes, and now that the dictator is dead and gone the administration wants them back. The problem was that many of those rebels, especially the weird beards of Ansaral-Sharia, are al Qaeda associates and none too fond of infidels, not even conciliatory ones with the middle name of Hussein. Ambassadors get even shorter shrift.

By next weekend, when McGeough once again explains the world to the dolts at home – the 290,000 of them who still read the Sun-Herald, at any rate – everyone else will have connected the dots and made a startling conclusion:

Obama gave Stingers to al Qaeda! Others are thinking along similar lines.



  1. This is the guy that falsely claimed the president of Afganistan was a multiple murderer.

    Then promptly won a Walkely award the following year with Kerry O'Brien as chairman of judges.

    Says it all really.

  2. This is the guy that falsely claimed the President of Afganistan was a multiple murderer.

    Then he promptly won a Walkley award the following year for outstanding journalism, with Red Kerry O'Brien as chairman of the judges.

    Says it all really!

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.May 22, 2013 at 4:46 PM

    Come now, Bunyip. You know that they are all essentially singing from the same song sheet, Walklies notwithstanding. It is like a hall of mirrors, where in concert they endlesslessly reference their group's reflected references.

    Of far more pertinence is the distracting Dance of the Bee as a perfect explanation for the correspondent's Egyptian follies. I should practice it perhaps when occasion calls for a bordello performance in the marital home? Such as when Da Hairy Ape is set to meet up, strictly on business he says, with a lady I refer to only as Nefertiti, because her dark Egyptian beauty outshines my miniature Valkyrie and her academic brilliance is undoubted. Like Flaubert, he might then be blinded to others from Pharoah's palaces, enthralled by my throated whiff of sugared tenebirth and the drift of my tarabouk while I complete my erotic dance as found, so Flaubert says, on a Grecian vase dating from deep antiquity. We would sensually drink raki together, of course, a firewater which would provide me with Dutch courage for the dance finale observed by Flaubert, where my modesty must become confounded by the limitations of a handkerchief-sized scarf. I am sure Da Hairy Ape, like Flaubert, would take a moment to concentrate aesthetically on the sculptural outline of my own tiny patellas (my kneecaps, for the non-medical readers here), thus keeping him emotionally within my fold, as it were, a 'coup' indeed, while I of course would be frantic with another sort of emotion concerning the bedbugs Flaubert found to be an integral, although contrapuntal, part of the whole bordello experience.

    Da Hairy Ape already has form at delivering insects onto my bed; he dumped a packet of antsy biscuits on it on holidays last weekend in a moment of entymological interest to him, eliciting some apparently-exciting shrieks from me.

    Sometimes men are very hard to understand.

  4. Given that these days US state departments run around promoting feminism, gay rights, multiculturalism, ie all-round cultural-Marxism, it makes me wonder why left-wing journos aren't in favour of promoting uncle Sam's agenda?

    Guess it's always 1969 for some.

    (also worth pondering why ostensibly sensible journos want to promote the US given it's current 'values')

  5. Stingers to al Qaeda. Rifles to Mexican drug lords. Is there any cretin on earth Obama won't arm?

    What's Kim the Third going to get?

  6. Indolent says:
    I am always impressed by the way that many of those from the squishy Left can hold seemingly disparate concepts in their brains without showing any outward signs of embarrassment. Here are a few.

    • America is the root of all evil. Obama is the prince of virtue.
    • Collectivism is good. I should rule the collective.
    • Suppression of women is really bad. Islamism is OK.
    • Government finances are not nearly as simple as household budgets. The government debt is the equivalent of someone on $100,000 a year with a debt of $5,000 you morons.
    • Asylum seekers are desperate people. People smugglers are extracting millions from them.
    • Murdoch is a greedy manipulative character. Al Gore is a great guy.
    • Cigarettes are really, really dangerous. Riding a bike is an excellent thing to do.
    • Bob Ellis is just plain cute. Gina Reinhardt is banned for life.
    • Climate change is real. Terrorism isn’t.
    • Shock jocks are bad, very bad. John Faine is a fine radio announcer.
    • Humans (of the European variety) are naturally sinful. Catholicism is out of touch and just plain wrong.
    • Corporations are greedy cheats. Union slush funds are a natural part of life.
    • God is dead. Hail Gaia.

  7. Lizzie, that was gold.