Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Safe,well and on the ABC

At the the end the first Batman film, the one with Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton, the Joker falls to his death.

But that was just Hollywood and there was never any need to send a wreath, as Q&A demonstrated last night.

 Next week or soon thereafter, Sarah Hanson-Dung, who values trees more than people (except if they are illegal aliens), will banish any fears that Poison Ivy might have come to grief.


  1. Tony Jones does not have two faces. If he did, he wouldn't be wearing the one he has, it being perpetually at hypersmug!

  2. I caught a bit of Q&A last night. Giggling about sex. Nothing sounds more uptight and prudish than a bunch of giggly Lefties saying how uptight and prudish they aren't.

  3. I watched Q & A because Butch, Australia’s greatest wanker, was on and he fascinates me at the moment. I asked Mrs Indolent to watch it with me but she flatly refused and returned to her insurgent keyboard. Butch seemed out of sorts last night and a minute or two behind the general conversation. When the subject of gender politics arose, he wistfully lamented that, as a younger man he never managed to mount the town bike. A nanosecond of embarrassed silence ensued and then it was all OK. It was a joke! Maybe Butch had consumed a litre of scotch before the show and I don’t blame him for that but the astute observer would have noticed that even Butch knew he had made a blunder. He didn’t recover until the subject of Vietnam was raised giving him, Australia’s greatest Vietnam Vet, the opportunity to redeem himself and rejoin the fray.

  4. I'm not sure Young Sarah-Hanson does value trees. In all her time in parliament I can't recall her ever saying anything about the environment. She's one of the new imposters in the Greens. Gay marriage, refugees, Palestine, the Jews, the American threat. Anything but lake-saving, dam-stopping and tree-hugging. When a handful of voters in South Oz got her into parliament they thought she was a tree-hugger. They probably don't now. She'll get the gay vote, though. And the ABC.

    Pedro of Adelaide