Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh, the joy to come

YOUNGER readers might know Margo Kingston only as a legend from blogging's early days, and perhaps some suspect their elders have exaggerated those madcap antics. Put that thought to rest, please, for here is the proof to settle any doubts.

Thanks to Macquarie University, careful steward of the education dollar, the fun begins all over again.


  1. Those that know, remember the original work captured from the Germans was developed further at facilities in Eastern British Columbia.


    1. Joseph Farrell et al point out all those articles in mainstream magazines that all went black in 1957...

  2. I find that, as women age, they tend to take more and more interest in anti-gravity technology.
    Could it simply be that Margo is experiencing some sag?

    The Irish Lion

  3. She was studying to be a nurse. Hope she's not missing anything too important to provide this gravity defying election coverage. With her and Dr Diggle on duty euthanasia advocates won't need change the law.

  4. On a previous topic...
    This morning I successfully backed the brown car out of the garage. Not publically, mind you, but successfully none the less. I have called the work:

    Alternate consideration upon the socio-economic affectation of post 911 ejection of waste.

    Can I have my grant now?

  5. Bunyip, Adele Horin also has a new presence online that you should monitor adelehorin.com.au


  6. Welcome back Magrok! I've missed the epic blundering stupidity of the dreadfully concerned and frightfully earnest little moppet. I was quite fond of a pic I created in Paint, of The Magrok fitted with a tin-foil helmet. In fact, I think I got so far as a CafePress setup with that pic and her slogan 'Free the minds!'

    A1 high-grade nutjob.