Tuesday, May 28, 2013


LIFE just gets better and better. With September 14 drawing closer, all the enemies of intelligence, decency and fairness are doing their utmost to lay before the incoming Abbott government highly individual case studies in their specific varieties of corruption and institutional degeneracy. Consider the gifts they are bestowing:

The ABC hires Young Mister Summers to run the Drum in place of Jonathan Green, who is promoted to Radio National despite costing the taxpayers' dear in libel suits and embarassments.

More recently, another of ABC current affairs panjandrum Bruce Belsham's lefty mates, Russell Skelton, gets chosen as the national broadcaster's "impartial" fact-checking guru, despite having made his political sympathies startling clear at Fairfax.

More recently, on the arts front, the inbred luvvies at the Australia Council are spending public monies on a poo fest. Worse, when asked to explain why the exercise is so "powerful", they decline to make any comment.

And now, via Tim Blair,  the tertiary sector has come to the party by slinging job and cash at Margo Kingston -- yes, the same Margo Kingston who claimed Australia joined the crusade to liberate Iraq in order to gain access to the Yank's (sic)  anti-gravity machine. The poor dear became such an embarrassment even Fairfax wanted nothing more to do with her, which is saying something.

Friends, rejoice! The left's arrogance has reached critical mass and is about to explode in its face. Even your wettest Liberals won't be able to shrug off the above demonstrations of the need for reform.

And one last thought. When questions are asked about Margo's relationship with Catherine Lumby, who appointed her to cover the election for Macquarie University, this query should be first:

Do Margo's teeth still sleep in a glass by your bed?


  1. I get the feeling the Left can't wait for the election and to see the end of Gillard. Even they are having a hard time excusing and defending her. Pure misery. Most just bite their tongues and mumble into their lattes. Now that it looks certain we will have a conservative government they are sharpening their claws and filing their teeth into fangs for the unrestrained joy of kicking Abbott and crew in the testicles or wherever they can sink the boot. Pure ecstasy. The ABC's new fact-checker is nicely timed for the new happy times. We can be sure their facts will be correct and just as sure that it will be conservative commentators and politicians alone who get checked. The Left are just so obvious.

    Pedro of Adelaide

  2. Amazing how much cash the left can find for the unAustralian Broadcasting Commission and other peculiar activities, Prof

  3. Is not one supposed to put one's teeth under the pillow, for the tooth fairy?

  4. Jeez, that household would have more cats than braincells.

  5. Good to see them laying out the red carpet for her once more, as opposed to leaving her to her own devices, including eating it.