Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Deja-boom all over again

DO you ever get that feeling we've seen it all before, the way things play out after every latest bombing, head-lopping and thwarted plan to blow up the MCG* or Holsworthy? Well don't worry, you aren't going mad because you really HAVE seen it before.

In 2010, Mohamad Abdalla of the Griffith Islamic Research Unit wrote at length for the ABC of the visiting Ayaan Hirsi's false witness against Islam.

Three years later and this time it is Paul Sheahan who has erred by making note of the blindingly obvious. Quick to counter, Abdalla reached into the Soul-Glo beard that inspired such admiration at its recent appearance on Q&A, plucked out a copy of that earlier sermon, did a Hirsi=Sheahan find-and-replace, added a bit about Anders Breivik and lopped off whatever was left over.

Then Abdalla sent it off to the Silly, where it was published without delay.

The long-standing sympathy of the Greens for Islam has long been a bit of a mystery, the best explanation to date being that it is to be expected the party of Sarah Hansen-Young and Mrs O'Gorman would enjoy a natural affinity with followers of a fellow who heard voices and owned a flying horse. But no, it seems recycling is their common cause.

* It is understood a "Goodes Amendment" is being prepared in Victoria's parliament to make the crime of blowing up the MCG a genuinely serious one. If the bombers are heard to cry "Sons of apes, death awaits you!" normal penalties will be doubled and a no-parole period of at least three years imposed.


  1. How lucky are we to have an 'understander' like Abdalla the Bulbul Emir, who can keep the sons of the Prophet SAW in the know on what's what. Throughout the Muslim world men like him seem to be thin on the ground as we see in the daily Red on Red slaughter. The 'misunderstanders' just keep bayonetting, burning and blasting their co-religionists. One has to wonder at a religion where so many 'misunderstand' what it's all about. A saving grace, perhaps? JakartaJaap

  2. Late nineteenth century Luciferian occultism birthed theosophy, theosophy birthed the intellectual basis for nazism and anti-humanism, that brother and sister pairing birthed the original green movement ("Ostara" aka Ashtar) which led directly to political nazism, nazism joined forces with islam in the 1920s and has remained married to it ever since.


    It isn't complicated.

    Muslim Brotherhood is the real coordinator of islamic terror of course, since "al qaeda" ("the foreign toilet") was and is just a list of traitors in the islamic countries. And a useful cover.

    Ever wonder why every single one of these terrorists is known to authorities BEFORE their attack? And yet nothing is done.

    Shades of the war on drugs. Eternally waiting for Mr. Big whilst millions die of drug related violence.

    1. The Theosophers' symbol in the pediment atop the cult's former headquarters in Collins Street, just up the hill from the Regent Theatre: http://www.flickr.com/photos/c-j-b/5991256036/

  3. "A Goodes Amendment". Excellent.

  4. People keep telling Sarah and friends that the dominant strand of Islam taking over much of the world puts homosexuals to death and arrests raped women for having sex outside of marriage but nothing ever deflects their irrational Islamic sympathy. I'm expecting that the next edition of America's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will add Greens Disease as a human complaint in need of treatment. Maybe the drug companies will come up with a pill to cure it.

    Pedro of Adelaide

    1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.May 28, 2013 at 4:16 PM

      Yes, Pedro. We can add human Greens Disease to that horticultural blight known as Green Tree Disease, where over the past ten or more years trees have unaccountably grown immediately in front of all of Australia's most famous public vistas, such that older plaques pointing to distant points of interest now point out nothing much at all in the sea of green before the eye.

      Greens are blind in more ways than we can count.

  5. Greens hate the U.S.

    Muslims hate the U.S.

    Progressive left hates the U.S.

    Therefore, natural allies.

  6. "Muslim Brotherhood is the real coordinator of islamic terror of course"

    Not so, Islamic terror has been around for 1400 years, well before the creation of the MB. "I have been made successful by terror" boasted Mo, and "Strike terror into their (infidel) hearts" are basic, fundamental commandments to Moslems.

    The MB had its genesis fairly recently (pre WWII days) and didn't amount to much until the anti-Semite element within MI6 started to fund it as their anti-Israel front organisation. The MB was essentially a MI6 operation run by Kim Philby in Lebanon, and it passed over to the CIA when Philby disappeared from Beruit in the early '60s.

    The MB is now funded and directed (sort-of) from the USA, and it is one branch of a many headed hydra run by the Luciferians who would be our masters. Unbeknowns to these Luciferians, the Bible says that they will be destroyed by these Islamists who sit at their table, and then things get really bad.