Sunday, March 18, 2012

The $196,647 Question

NOTHING on tonight's social calendar? Well, if you happen to be in Canberra, why not have a few chuckles with Bob Brown and former Communist-turned-three-dollars-per-taxpayer-funded-word David McKnight? And best of all, drinks are free!

Here is a question it would be interesting to hear McKnight answer:

Given that Australian authors generally earn peanuts, and allowing that you advocate the distribution of public assets unto each according to his needs, do you feel comfortable accepting $196,647 on top of your six-figure academic salary?

And, for a follow-up:

The books you are selling here tonight, will you be retaining the royalties on those sales, or do you intend to return the proceeds to the taxpayers who funded your research?

The gathering will be held here:

Sunday 18 March
5.30 - 6.30pm (drinks provided)
Manning Clark House Garden*
11 Tasmania Circle, Forrest

(H/T: Australian Associated Press Eoin Black, a quality journalist,  who has tweeted word of tonight's gather.)

UPDATE: If you hope to make the acquaintance of the Silly's senior alarmist, Ben Cubby, prepare to be disappointed. He will be too busy shrugging off sceptics' attempts to have him consider points of view other than those of the souces for whom he takes catastropharian stenography.

Don't you just love that weary "if you insist". The Galileo people might as well save the cost of a stamp.


  1. What a pity. About that time I will be warming up for the evening rise (not an onset of Craig Thompson tumescence in case your mind has wandered.) Anyway, I do not need to be in the company of crypto-communists to savour all that touchy feely equality. Not even the free drinks will tempt me from the cool waters by. As Herbert Hoover said: "All men are equal before fish."

  2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.March 18, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    I've done my days in lefty Cadre land, Prof. Won't be there. And Ben in the Cubbyhouse, yes, we do insist. And will keep on insisting. Childish fantasies need to be shown as such by grown-ups who actually know what they are talking about. Quality journalists don't retail retarded rot from rent-seeking grant addicts on a ten-year bender.

  3. I've never been to a function at Manning Clark House but I've been past a couple of times when one is on, and it's like being caught in a time tunnel, grey heads pulling up in late 1990s Volvos and all dressed in a sort of uniform of skivvies, tweeds and cords, as though they were all going to a fancy dress party as 'intellectuals c.1965'. The only sartorial concessions to the last 20 years are, depending in the weather, Akubra hats and Kathmandu vests (academic pallor attracts melanoma, and the owners of Kathmandu are lefties).

    It will, BTW, surprise no one that Manning Clark House, the former resident of the late leftist Professor who attacked the alleged greed and complacency of Australain suburbia, is a posh, architect-designed house on Canberra's second-swankiest street. I wonder if Tony Kevin will be there? He also lives in a big house in a posh street ony a hop, step and jump away.

    Consuela Potez

  4. Still clinging desperately to his "fish in a barrel" line too.

    Ben Cubby ‏ @bencubby 16 Mar
    @GalileoMovement Im not interested in "debating" you for the same reason Im not interested in shooting fish in a barrel.


  5. Heh. A number of years ago the NSW Commun..Greens held a press conference at Australia's historic home of corrupt..democracy in Macquarie Street. The purpose of which was to announce their new policy on guns, being the same as the old one, "Guns are bad!!!!"
    They sent out an email request for warm bodies to make the occasion more photogenic.
    They had a decent number of well dressed people turn up in response, who enjoyed the nibblies and then proceeded to explain to the attending press why the policy was unworkable. Said attendees were almost all members of the Shooters Party.
    Not the Greens finest moment in controlling their message.