Monday, March 26, 2012

Torch Song

ENVIRONMENTAL activist Tim Blair has a long list of preparations needed for Saturday's upcoming Hour of Power, including some hot platters to pop on the turntable. Sadly, he has overlooked the best and most obvious choice, White Light, White Heat, which also benefits from being played loud, very loud indeed:

And when the dancing is done, why not hop in the car and head to the corner of Collins and Spencer streets, where Age reporters and editors will be even more in the dark than usual. You can park (briefly) in the taxi rank across the street, beside Southern Cross Station, get out your spotlight or Dolphin torch and shine it at the second floor, where the Age is located.

Spotlights are available for around $20 at any number of auto-parts chains. Being cheap and nasty, they will break in a few weeks, but will serve the purpose for Saturday night's outing.

With luck and enough participants it will be quite the festive gathering


  1. Replies
    1. Dispensing dreary sanctimony in the manner of an Ent,
      Now people are concluding that he’s seriously bent.
      He’s played the media keyboard with the skill of Volodos,
      But under ageing epidermis is it Kang? Perhaps Kodos?

  2. Of course the Stooges "Raw Power" would be in there while the KT88s were forming pools of molten glass in thier amp cases.

  3. Prof .... I have already been over at Tim's pointing out that mere consumption alone will not do.
    It must be COAL fired consumtion.
    Everbody go and check your power contract.
    You might find that someone in your household has gone all greeny, feral and signed you up for “renewables”.
    There is absolutely no point participating in the “hour-of-power” if it doesnt result in the draglines at Yallourn running full bore to get that brown coal out of the ground and into the air.

    We NEED to make those furnaces glow white hot with burning dirty brown coal.

    Burn it while we can!!!

    The Irish Lion

  4. Always preferred Beginning to See the Light, from the Velvets, Prof.

    Good to have you back.

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.March 26, 2012 at 10:05 PM

    Every Earth Hour, Prof, I just turn on every light in the place and blaze out towards Sydney Harbour. Many others do the same. Keep it coming, all who can't stand this stuff any longer. It's one way to show 'em. Keep an eye too, Prof, on the claims that Fairfax make about how many households have lights off. Their figures for the last two years have been taken direct from The World Wildlife Fund shonky research. Mostly it's government departments only that tone down the wattage. I hope to hell that Bazza (and Ted in Victoria) tells them to do otherwise - let's see, eh?

  6. Where can one get a Kleig Light these days?

  7. And for a folksy addition to the musical play list - one track that everyone can sing along to - there's always the good old "Throw Another Log On the Fire".

  8. The Old and Unimproved DaveMarch 27, 2012 at 10:18 AM

    Earth hour always puts me in mind of the first Die Hard movie, where villain Hans Gruber tricks the authorities into voluntarily shutting down the city's electricity grid.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the A - G - E."

  9. So don’t sit in the dark this Saturday night. Turn all the lights and recognise the incredible accomplishments of the human race. The world is worth saving from darkness.

  10. I think the Mauritians have the right idea. (Click Africa on the map then Mauritius)

    According to the WWF website in Mauritius, "The national celebrations, also known as National Earth Hour Mauritius, will be held in the beautiful town of Curepipe where the Queen Elizabeth Avenue (main historical street) and key landmarks will light up at night."

    Great thinking guys ... turn the lights ON!

  11. TIL, I don't know or care whether you're a Padraigh or a Mervyn, but I like your style!


  12. As the Koran puts it,

    "Idolatry is worth than carnage"

    But in the case of the socialist regime, they get to have both. First the idolatry of man-made global warming and corrupt enrichment... Then the bloodbath at each fresh election.