Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sun Is Out... are the golf clubs. Please feel free to leave comments and, in Numbers' case, unwitting testaments to the consequences of modern education. They will be posted later in the day.


  1. Speaking of the failures of education, check your email.

  2. From the anals of the Ricketson & Bullwinkle Show (the Dudley Do-Right's of professional journalism) comes this fractured fairytale:

    2.47 Whatever the rationale, free speech is not absolute.
    "In a liberal democracy, when there are competing private or public interests at stake, the social benefits of those interests may be more important than the benefit of free speech."

    In plain English that would read:
    2.47 Whatever the rationale, we will control what is free to speak.
    "Under the current socialist parliament, dissent of our socially beneficial policies, to wit the carbon dioxide tax, will no longer be tolerated. Our socialist agenda is more important than your right to argue against it!
    Skeptics should report for tattooing and delousing".

  3. I think Numbers and I had the same education. It was reasonably good, we emerged literate and numerate, and possesing a basic smattering of science & history.

    Education doesn't exist these days; it has been replaced by indoctrination as current Gen X demonstrates.

    Number's anger with the world stems from his national service days. He clings to his bitterness as a child clings to his security blanket - it is his only form of self identification.

    There are many here who also lived through those days, voted enthusiastically for the Great God Goff (I even still voted for him in '75 in case anyone wonders where the third vote of the three he received in that election came from), yet we have moved on.

    Numbers is stuck in the past, it's where he feels most comfortable. He should hearken to his adored PM and "move forward".

  4. Prof, I hope you had a good round.

    Here am I, stuck in a hotel in leaky London browsing my favourite blogs when I come accross this brilliance from [url=]Pointman[/url] (via the equally brilliant [url=]Boy on a Bike[/url]). It could have been written by you.

    1. Apologies, it appears that either you don't read html or I can't write it.

      The referenced blogs are 'Pointman's' and 'Boy on a Bike.' the particular article is in Boy on a Bike's 4 March blog.